ADARA Releases Customer Identity Guide For Travel Marketers Adjusting to End of Cookies Era

Separate from data, identity is a key element of future targeting and customer insight strategies

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ADARA, the world’s travel data co-op and leading provider of traveler intelligence, today released important thought leadership about the increasingly critical role of consumer identities for travel brands. Entitled, Identity Data: The Smarter Path to Customer Insights, the report provides recommendations to help marketers understand, plan and implement an effective identity strategy.

“As third-party data use becomes more restricted by regulation and browser policy changes, identity serves as the next data approach for structuring and delivering intelligent multichannel marketing, while preserving customer insights and analysis, using compliant first and second-party data,” said Charles Mi, CTO at ADARA.

The report defines identity as “an authentication that allows a company to recognize someone, either actually or anonymously, depending on permissions and data regulation compliance.” The concept of a unique identity signifier is part of a larger movement amongst marketers to use identity to aggregate and organize data. Identity makes it easier for brands to transact with other first-party data owners and media partners, improving traveler insights, marketing scale, and personalization.

Travel marketers need to be proactive and flexible with their data strategy. In the current market, travel brands are looking to increase their campaign performance and data quality, while remaining privacy compliant. This report shares best practices for creating a robust identity strategy that can help brands create internal multichannel marketing and aligned data collaboration with partners.

Travel brands operate in a data-driven environment, and identity should be a key component of their future data plans,” said Carolyn Corda, CMO at ADARA. “Customers demand personalized and seamless experiences, and this report shows that identity will help travel brands deliver results in a safe and compliant way.”


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