Adlumin Reveals Redesigned Brand Logo

The security and compliance automation company launches its new brand logo, making a prominent statement that Adlumin is a key competitor in the market.

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Adlumin revealed its redesigned logo, which aimed to modernize the brand and continuously grow its footprint within the cybersecurity industry.

Last year was full of uncertainty—and high-profile data breaches—triggering greater competition within the cybersecurity industry and higher demand for security and compliance automation platforms. Adlumin’s new logo reflects three of the company’s core values: Trust, Reliability and Responsibility. It also mirrors the company’s efforts to expand its services to various industries, build its partnerships and customer base and ease capacity concerns for IT teams.

“Elevating the Adlumin brand was the main goal of this logo redesign. As a trusted security platform in the industry, the new logo needed to represent the power of Adlumin’s capabilities and expertise,” said Ellen Loughlin, Director of Digital Marketing at Adlumin. “Trust is everything and through this process, we wanted to present Adlumin as a trustworthy authority within the industry.”

The company wanted to refresh the original brand color palette from a design perspective, staying true to the original logo’s core roots. Adlumin’s deep royal blue harmonized with the brighter red to convey the company’s ability to expand visibility, illuminate networks and be a beacon of light in the cyber landscape that is often unseen by the human eye.

“The changes that we made to the logo were very subtle as we wanted to keep our brand recognition and core values embedded in the redesign,” said Ruthie Williams, Senior UI/UX Designer at Adlumin. “Making the logo more energetic and competitive was very important because we wanted to speak to Adlumin’s strengths through the design and color scheme.”

The company is working to ensure a cohesive customer experience exists from start to finish. The redesigned logo is a preliminary step in an ongoing effort to grow the Adlumin brand and its prominence within the highly competitive industry, emphasizing that the company is here to create an everlasting legacy.

Through the combined efforts of top security experts and creative direction, the company will continue to widen its footprint within the cybersecurity industry. Its focus remains on adding luminosity to customers’ networks, maintaining reliability and enhancing its platform to serve all markets adequately.

About Adlumin

Adlumin Inc. is a patented, advanced security and compliance automation platform built for corporate organizations that demand innovative cybersecurity solutions and easy-to-use, comprehensive reporting tools. The Adlumin team has a passion for technology and solving the most challenging problems through the targeted application of data science and compliance integration. Our mission is to “add luminosity” or visibility to every customer’s network processes through real-time threat detection, analysis and response to ensure sensitive data remains secure.


Timothy Evans, Adlumin SVP, Chief of Strategy

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