Aible Announces New Features to Innovative AI Platform, Enables Enterprise Teams to Build an Integrated Business Central Nervous System

  • Aible-Boomi partnership enables enterprises to optimize AI across related functions such as Sales and Marketing to create an integrated Business Central Nervous System
  • Drives speed to value by quickly going from raw data to AI recommendations in hours with existing teams, skills, and resources; accessible via 1500+ applications that business users leverage every day
  • See how Aible and Boomi deliver ROI from AI across functions in this informative on-demand webinar

FOSTER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIAible, the pioneer in ROI-optimized AI, today announced dozens of innovative updates to its flagship product, enabling enterprises to deliver ROI from AI faster.

Today, most AI is trained to maximize model accuracy, turning it into an academic exercise of little use to businesses, which need models that optimally impact sales, profit and growth. It’s no surprise that a recent survey by MIT-Sloan and the Boston Consulting Group found that a mere 10% of companies report seeing financial gains from their AI investments.

Aible is AI that systematically delivers business impact while respecting business constraints. With the Boomi partnership, Aible is accessible via 1500+ applications that business users leverage every day—at the moment when they make a decision. Users can inject AI into their everyday workflows, seamlessly improving data-driven actions.

“AI doesn’t know anything beyond its training data and doesn’t understand business context, business constraints or principles of fairness,” said Arijit Sengupta, Founder and CEO of Aible. “Aible is the only solution that asks business users a few focused questions to understand what they are trying to achieve and then creates an optimized set of AI models that helps them achieve their unique business objectives and ROI. Now with the Boomi partnership, we can bring these optimized recommendations to 1500+ enterprise applications and adjust them easily when business conditions change.”

AI That Spans the Entire Enterprise

The new Aible features extend its innovative AI platform to enable teams to build an integrated Business Central Nervous System across related functions. Aible enables users across the enterprise to easily track and audit actions, encouraging everyone—from business users to IT and data science teams—to contribute to the end-to-end workflow of AI. By eliminating work silos, teams can go from raw data to AI recommendations in hours, all without ever developing a new skill set or waiting on each other.

Other innovative features available with Aible Enterprise include:

  • Assure AI Fairness: New with Aible Enterprise, customers can now systematically ensure fairness with AI by proactively defining fairness objectives instead of reactively detecting and removing bias.
  • Natural Language and Vision Services: New Natural Language and Image Processing features available with Aible Enterprise allow teams to capture intelligence from a broader set of sources. Businesses can leverage the services with end-to-end automation and without manual tagging requirements, avoiding time-consuming and error-prone processes.

To see more about the latest release, visit To see how Aible solves unique challenges with AI and delivers ROI, request a demo today.

About Aible

Aible is the pioneer in ROI-optimized AI that systematically delivers business impact while respecting your organization’s business constraints. Aible takes a different approach to AI. Aible goes beyond predictions to enable enterprises to optimize for their unique business circumstances, anticipate and adjust to change quickly, and collaborate to ensure AI business adoption and sustained ROI. Unique among AI providers, Aible delivers a portfolio of AI models tuned to different business realities so that you always use the right model when conditions change. Aible was selected as a Visionary in the Gartner Cloud AI Developer Services Magic Quadrant Report 2020. Discover real-world AI at


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