AIDP and Andy Khawaja are Using AI Technology for Psychological Advancements

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#aiArtificial Intelligence Defense Platform, a technology start-up creating AI technology for a safer, more comfortable future, and its Founder Andy Khawaja are creating AI technology that will enable humans to better diagnose emotion-linked conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to advance capabilities in a vast variety of industries. Humans are empowered by the technology and abilities that AI brings.

With artificial intelligence, we are using machines to learn new strategies. When humans and machines collaborate together, both become more intelligent.

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform is working on new technology that will better detect and read speech patterns and facial expressions. These facial recognition advancements will be integrated into their “ISABELLA” platform to advance treatment software and machines.

“Our software and machines will be more physiologically accurate. We can pair heart and breath rates with facial recognition and create more emotionally intelligent software,” says Founder Andy Khawaja.

80,000 deaths per year are attributed to wrongful diagnosis according to The US Institute of Medicine.

“AIDP is creating software and machines that enable humans and machines to collaborate to more accurately diagnose illnesses, physical and mental. We can save lives with more accurate physical diagnoses. But also, we can save lives by better diagnosing and treating mental illness,” Dr. Andy Khawaja said.

AIDP is creating and staffing new departments to spark advancements with AI facial recognition.

About Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform:

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform is creating new AI technology for compatible systems and machines to build a safer, more sustainable future for mankind. Please visit for more information.


David Herzog