An AI Service Empowers Users By Democratizing Movie Awards

People-powered awards and expressions let users define their taste in movies

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–The majority of the general public are unaware that there are more than 6,000 movie awards in existence. Most are familiar with only a select number of highly acknowledged movie awards. These awards, given based on the industry’s historic propensity, leave the general public with no choice but to accept the results whether they agree or not.

Maimovie, an AI-driven movie search and recommendation service, was created to give the power of definition back to the people. The service provides over 6,000 people-powered awards that are machine-learned from crowd data. While critics have a limit to the number of movies they can review, Maimovie guarantees comprehensiveness and impartiality. The awards from the crowd reflect viewers’ reactions in real-time and generate rankings for thousands of films. Users can now view social rankings for their favorite movies and take back full control of movie recommendations.

Maimovie makes this possible with AI KeyTalk. The system learns various tastes and contexts from social data to adhere to individuals’ preferences. With Maimovie, users are empowered to discover movies and express their opinions which are then fed back into the system for continuous enhancement.

Through AI KeyTalk, Maimovie offers recommendations and analysis for over 540,000 movies. It also connects users to the appropriate streaming services so that movie lovers can search and stream movies within a single platform. AI KeyTalk is currently powering major service providers, including Kakao and, and has been recognized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a global best case in AI.

The service plans to add additional features to the application in the near future. Users will be able to request the movies they want to watch to their favorite streaming services. Consumers will be able to take back the power of choice and enhance their movie-viewing experience.

About Mycelebs

Mycelebs is an artificial intelligence company that provides business-ready transformational AI technology. Their solution, AI KeyTalk, is a context-aware search and exploration engine that offers tools to navigate through diverse preferences of the public, make recommendations that are aware of hidden intentions and sub-intentions of natural languages, directly characterize items for deep-learning and statistical modeling, and facilitate content management for service providers.



Emma Kim