Analytic Partners Drives Speed to Insight with New Release of GPS Enterprise

New release enhances Live Modeling and Dynamic Decisioning, overcoming challenges of data deprecation

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global leader in measurement and optimization solutions, Analytic Partners, today announced a new release to GPS Enterprise, its proprietary platform for data-driven decisioning. These innovations include Dynamic Decisioning to drive near real-time decision making and the new generation of its data management solution (ADAPTA) to increase speed to insights.

GPS Enterprise offers comprehensive data ingestion, quick processing of complex modeling, and deep insights for data-driven decisions. It is an end-to-end solution that includes ADAPTA (Data) to ingest, assess, score, and cleanse data for analytics and decisioning; AMP (Analytics) to uncover key business drivers and growth levers for marketing and beyond; and PROPHET (Decisioning) to forecast, plan, and optimize to maximize value. GPS Enterprise helps teams across organizations to support data-driven decision making, including marketing, analytics/insights, senior leadership, and finance.

Key benefits include:

  • Next Generation Data Management Solution built for speed, scale, and accuracy

    • Unprecedented speed through direct integration with all data sources. Expand data coverage through data partners such as: Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more
    • Ability to orchestrate ETL/ELT operations (to extract, load, and transform data) across media types and cloud providers in a single platform
    • Unifies cross-industry data incorporating Analytic Partners ROI Genome meta insights and best practices for immediate action
    • Overcomes data deprecation challenges by powering granular insights with faster data processing time and higher accuracy through validation & data score-carding and knowledge capture automation
  • Dynamic Decisioning based on real-time insights

    • Live Modeling seamlessly integrates with Decisioning, Forecasting, and Planning tools ensuring the most current insights
    • Provides near real-time decisioning support so that brands can adapt to changes, disruptions, and opportunities

Empowered by this data management innovation, Analytic Partners’ Live Modeling and Dynamic Decisioning provides timely analytic insights and resource reallocation recommendations.

“In today’s environment of data deprecation, there remains a wealth of privacy-safe data to leverage for insights and growth,” said Nancy Smith, President and CEO of Analytic Partners. “Our focus is to turn data into expertise and deliver speed to insights so that our clients can better navigate disruptions and achieve 5x more growth using GPS Enterprise.”

GPS Enterprise powers the Analytic Partners’ Commercial Decisioning System. The core of this system is Commercial Mix Analytics. Commercial Mix Analytics is a unified commercial decisioning system that incorporates brand, customer, operational and touchpoint analytics to provide strategic and tactical results with both granular customer and full business views. It is a forward-looking modeling and decisioning framework that overcomes the limitations of other solutions.

Learn more about how the nation’s largest grocery chain, Kroger, has benefitted from speed to insights and Live Models here. You can also register for an upcoming virtual panel with Forrester Research, Cox Communications, and Winterberry Group to learn more about new strategies to win in the wake of the data disruption, taking place March 23 at 1pm ET.

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