BabbleLabs Launches Clear Edge for Client, Superior Speech Enhancement Software Designed for Business Professionals

Now available for free to help remote workers regain their productivity in noisy environments

CAMPBELL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BabbleLabs™, a Silicon Valley-based speech science technology leader, announced the release of Clear Edge for Client Windows 10, software that transforms the communication and collaboration experience by eliminating background noises and enhancing speech. The software enables professionals working remotely to better hear and understand audio on calls made from laptops or PCs. It works with any enterprise collaboration or conferencing application, including Zoom, Cisco Webex®, Google Hangouts or Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Discord. BabbleLabs is offering Clear Edge for Client free of charge for three months, without obligation.

With recent social distancing measures, an unprecedented number of people now work remotely. Disruptions such as barking dogs, car horns, keyboard typing and background speech impair communications, affecting productivity and business results. Through the combination of best-in-class deep learning, speech science and audio processing technology, Clear Edge for Client removes background noise and amplifies speech by up to 40dB better than the original sample. Users can mute incoming or outgoing noise by choosing Clear Edge from within any collaboration application. It is perfect for business professionals who rely on a variety of communication platforms as part of their job and need anywhere access to quiet, professional calls.

“Right now, many people spend their days working in embarrassingly noisy environments. They have an urgent need for a solution that allows them to have more effective communications,” says Chris Rowen, CEO and cofounder of BabbleLabs. “Clear Edge for Client removes noise better than any other software on the market and we want to make sure professionals who need it can use it to make their transition to remote work easier during this stressful time.”

Clear Edge for Client can be downloaded from the BabbleLabs web site. Individuals and enterprise buyers can learn more about the technology, including Clear Edge for Rooms software for meeting rooms and huddle spaces, here.

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