Bidgely Recognized by NARUC for Enhancing Gas Utility Customer Engagement and Energy Efficiency Through Artificial Intelligence

Primer cites Bidgely gas disaggregation program for Southern California Gas with over 286,000 therms savings in under four months

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) has distinguished Bidgely as an exemplary leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for gas utilities in its latest primer, Artificial Intelligence for Natural Gas Utilities. This primer highlights the value of AI applications and discusses current use cases for improving the performance of natural gas utilities. Bidgely’s solution for gas utilities leverages applied AI to disaggregate appliance-level energy usage from smart and monthly-read meter data. These insights inform personalized customer experiences as well as improve energy efficiency and more accurate program targeting, as demonstrated at a recent Southern California Gas (SoCalGas®) deployment.

“It is an honor to be acknowledged by NARUC for our success in empowering gas utilities to better engage with customers through AI-powered data analytics,” said Ahbay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely. “Gas utilities and customers are an underserved market that stand to have a positive impact on lowering emissions through efficiency. Integrating AI strategies for gas utilities not only bring to light gas appliance usage but also widen the net for more customer segments to engage with. Our work with SoCalGas proves that medium consumption users can bring significant energy savings, for example, a segment traditionally overlooked.”

Bidgely together with SoCalGas deployed a modern Home Energy Reports (HER) solution, powered by Bidgely’s patented gas disaggregation technology, to increase energy savings and digital customer engagement. The program, which delivered thousands of personalized appliance-level insights alerts to SoCalGas medium consumption customers, exceeded 286,000 therms saved in less than four months and achieved a 50 percent email open rate – double the utility industry norm. Customers also gave the utility’s communications an 81 percent “Like” rating.

“Engaging with our customers in a meaningful way, and truly motivating them to conserve energy, required us to understand the wants and needs of each customer on an individual level,” said Dr. Liza Legaspi, program manager at Southern California Gas. “Our program with Bidgely uses personalization, or as I call it customization, to both redefine customer segmentation and profile customers based on their energy behavior to drive significant consumption changes.”

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