Brinks Home Continues Company Transformation With Refreshed Brand, Renewed Focus on Customers

Company Poised for Growth with People at Center Internally and Externally

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brinks Home Security®, now Brinks Home®, is on a mission to revolutionize the smart home security industry, starting with its own transformation. Over the past year the company has brought in new executive leadership, improved corporate culture, implemented a centralized Transformation Office, and leveraged enterprise data and research to redefine its business and brand strategy. The changes have included all aspects of the organization, with the goal of providing a best-in-class experience for its customers and partners in North America and Puerto Rico.

“Our mission is simple, it’s people-centric. The changes are all-encompassing, from our senior leadership team, who bring diverse perspectives to the table and challenge us to think outside the box in terms of what we offer to both our customers, and our partners, to our Transformation Office, which helps us leverage data as we make decisions,” said William Niles, chief executive officer, Brinks Home. “We are committed to ensuring that we never stop improving, and that we continue to innovate our products and services to best serve our customers and partners. We believe strongly that the changes we have made set a new standard for the smart security industry.”

As part of this transformation, Brinks Home has built an enterprise data platform to leverage advanced analytics and machine learning, overhauled the brand strategy, as well as the look and feel of its marketing, messaging, and value statements. The company enlisted agency partner HUGE to define the new strategy and identity, which will come to life across all channels, including advertising, online presence, and other print and digital media. The strategy will guide all aspects of the business, including customer interactions, corporate culture, partner relationships, and more. The elevated experience customers already expect from Brinks Home will be further brought to life through an updated logo, company name: Brinks Home, and tagline: Security for Life™ that help begin to illustrate the changes the company has undergone all the way down to the service level.

“This is the start of a new beginning for us – the brand strategy we’ve developed will serve as our guiding light throughout the organization for years to come,” said Krystle Craycraft, vice president marketing, Brinks Home. “Our brand strategy defines who we are and enables us to deliver a unique, consistent, and differentiated experience to all who interact with our brand, including our customers, as well as our internal and external partners.”

As part of the phase one brand strategy effort, the company has looked inward and refreshed internal messaging, updated employee benefits, implemented cross-functional teams for brand transformation initiatives, and founded employee resource groups that allow employees to be supported while strengthening the culture of diversity and inclusion. Additional initiatives will be rolled out in 2021 and beyond.

“We understand that how we treat our employees, how we care for each other, is the first step in truly caring for our customers,” said Kevin Lyons, chief people officer and head of human resources, Brinks Home. “We are committed to ensuring that our employees are valued and heard. The changes we have made ensure we are building a company where all are respected and supported.”

About Brinks Home

Brinks Home is one of the largest home security and alarm monitoring companies in North America. Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Brinks Home provides platinum grade protection to over 950,000 residential and commercial customers through highly responsive, simple security solutions backed by expertly trained professionals. The company has one of the nation’s largest networks of independent authorized dealers and agents – providing products and support to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico – as well as direct-to-consumer sales of DIY and professionally installed products. To learn more about Brinks Home or how to become an Authorized Dealer, Partner, or Representative, visit or

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