Brite Builds World-Class SOC-as-a-Service with Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform

Comprehensive Visibility, Unparalleled Ease-of-Use Drive Award-Winning MSSP

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ai–Stellar Cyber, the leading security operations platform for MSSPs, announced today that Brite, a three-time Top 100 MSSP award winner based in Rochester, New York , is using the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform to deliver world-class SOC-as-a-service offerings to its customers. The platform’s tightly-integrated toolset and award-winning user interface enables Brite to deliver comprehensive security services more quickly and effectively to its nationwide customer base.

“Our goal was to build a killer managed security service and we’ve done that,” says Trevor Smith, Executive Vice President of Brite. “If we bring on new analysts, we don’t want them to have to spend six months learning how to use our platform. Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform is the only security tool we’ve seen that is so easy to use that it lets us bring in new analysts and have them immediately make an impact on our organization and for our customers.”

Stellar Cyber’s AI-powered investigation, detection and response platform gives analysts 360-degree visibility across the entire attack surface using normalized and enriched metadata from any source – network, cloud, endpoints, applications, users and more. It reduces attack detection time from days down to real time – even for smaller teams – giving hackers far less opportunity to compromise servers and networks.

“Our biggest fear is having a customer’s network breached because we’re unaware of the attack,” said Jon-Michael Lacek, Director of Security Operations at Brite. “With the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform, we spot attacks we might have missed in the past with a traditional SIEM, and our mean time to detect and respond to attacks has dropped by orders of magnitude.”

Traditional SIEMs collect raw log data in huge volumes, and then force analysts to build custom search queries to spot security incidents. Conversely, the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform enriches and normalizes data as it is collected, and then uses AI and machine learning to evaluate that data. With Stellar Cyber, false positives are reduced and it is much easier to identify and drill down on actual attacks. In addition, the platform integrates with existing SIEM, EDR, UEBA, firewall and other customer security tools already in place, collecting and correlating their data to improve detection results.

“Most security organizations have too much data and too few people to deal with it,” said Brian Stoner, VP of Service Providers at Stellar Cyber. “Leading MSSPs like Brite use our Open XDR platform to significantly improve their threat management processes by making analysts far more productive.”


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Stellar Cyber is the only intelligent, next-gen security operations platform that provides high-speed, high-fidelity threat detection and response across the entire attack surface. The world’s first Open-XDR platform, Stellar Cyber is an easy-to-use investigation and automated response platform, delivering a 360-degree view of your entire attack surface with readily-available, high-fidelity detections delivered through pre-built, tightly-integrated capabilities including NDR, CDR, NG SIEM, UEBA, and Automated Threat Hunting. Stellar Cyber’s platform helps eliminate the tool fatigue and data overload often cited by security analysts, and enables them to respond in real time rather than days or weeks. The company is based in Silicon Valley. For more information, contact


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