Burke Unveils New COVID-19 Segmentation to Promote Empathy & Help Businesses Meet Consumers’ Evolving Needs

8 New Consumer Segments Identified

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BurkeInsights–Burke, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of its breakthrough COVID-19 consumer segmentation, created to help both people and businesses navigate these challenging times.

“We were determined to help businesses understand consumer segments during this historic period and to create empathy—something I think most people would agree is vital to forming authentic connections,” said Jamie Baker-Prewitt, Burke’s Chief Research Officer. “We are living very different lives today than we were a year ago, which is why it is so vital to reassess how consumers see themselves and the brands they interact with.”

Conducted in partnership with sister company, Seed Strategy, the rich segment illumination reveals the driving mindsets and behaviors behind each group—amplifying empathy for the varied ways people are coping, and revealing intriguing details about what American consumers need now, and in the future.

Built on the premise that a combination of personal characteristics and psychographics are shaping people’s current mindsets—and their views for the post-pandemic world—the segmentation identified eight primary groups that reflect American consumers as a whole. These unique groups vary in life circumstance, psychographic views, consumer behaviors and the direct impact COVID-19 has had on their lives. The eight segments include:

  • The Wayfinders: Concerned youth who fear missing out on what they want their life to be today and in the future.
  • The Determined: Young Americans trying to maintain their independence and current lifestyle, despite a setback.
  • The Isolated: Worried seniors who have reluctantly sheltered in place to protect their health.
  • The Frazzled: Stressed families struggling to juggle work, childcare, and financial obligations.
  • The Enlightened: Secure older adults who use their experience to help others navigate these challenging times.
  • The Protective: Vulnerable family units that are staying safe at home due to health concerns.
  • The Bold: Independent thinkers who want businesses to get back to “normal” despite the risk.
  • The Empathetic: Thriving households that feel a serious responsibility to care for both their family and their community.

“While the pandemic has impacted every American’s life, individual responses have been substantively different, amplifying the need for companies to gain an empathetic understanding of consumer experiences and perceptions,” says Baker-Prewitt. “In combination with data about lifestyles, decisions, and beliefs, our research reveals rich insights that can help business leaders meet consumers’ evolving needs during the pandemic era and beyond.”

The report, titled The Refracting Nature of COVID-19, is based on a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults who purchase in key categories, including consumer goods, restaurants, financial services, health insurance, and technology. The research included both a 30-minute online survey and 30 in-depth video interviews with members from each group.

The proprietary research leveraged Geode|AI™ to apply a range of different algorithms, generating numerous possible segmentation solutions. As Burke’s latest advanced data science solution, Geode|AI™ features powerful machine learning, streamlined advanced analysis processing, and seamless integration of disparate data sources.

For more information, please visit www.burke.com/covid19segmentation.

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