Calibo LLC Launches, Unveils Integrated Business Digital Platform to Accelerate Digital Business

DETROIT–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calibo LLC launched today to empower organizations of all sizes to build simplified, engaging business models for growth. Business leaders can use Calibo’s Integrated Business Digital Platform (BDP) to build digital products that will capture market opportunities to fuel growth in revenue, profit, market share, and operating efficiencies. Raj Vattikuti, Executive Chairman of Altimetrik, founded and will serve as CEO of Calibo, and the two companies will work hand-in-glove.

Calibo’s platform simplifies product and data engineering as clients define, design, develop, and deploy new apps and products from concept to launch with speed and agility. It leverages data from various relevant sources and generates business insights through artificial intelligence to promote collaboration, operating efficiencies, and continuous innovation. Through the platform, clients can create and introduce new customer experiences to complement ongoing business operations.

“There’s so much potential right now to create new business models and seize new opportunities,” said Vattikuti. “But many companies face the dilemma of missing out on new growth avenues due to competing resources and or the risk of destabilizing existing business. Calibo provides a solution, allowing companies to simplify operations and workflows, promote experimentation and collaboration, and serve as a single source of truth when developing products on the platform. Ultimately, it allows clients to make better decisions and mature their digital business capabilities.”

The Calibo BDP’s features include:

  • A true Agile integrated engineering environment to collaborate and iterate with business and engineering teams to achieve outcome-driven business results and accelerate time to market
  • Business insights and analytics that leverage data from various relevant sources
  • Innovation, experimentation, and product engineering
  • Engagement with both external customers through omni-channel experiences and internal customers through simplified and integrated workflows

In addition to providing an integrated Agile- and DevOps-enabled environment, Calibo’s platform improves engineer productivity by 15-20% for large enterprises. BDP further encourages efficiency by allowing engineers to reuse components and services through its built-in Marketplaces feature, which can improve productivity by an additional 10-15%.

Calibo’s BDP has the flexibility to integrate into an enterprise’s own cloud and tech stack or have a hosted solution provided by Calibo. The platform has a number of other benefits, including framework to assess the organization’s maturity from an agility, engineering, and DevOps perspective, helping organizations achieve their ideal maturity state.

“Calibo’s platform sprung out of Altimetrik’s work with startups, and small, midsize, and large enterprises,” said Vattikuti. “The platform has allowed them to demonstrate and benchmark their business outcomes, encourage collaboration between business and engineering teams, and enhance team effectiveness and productivity to bring speed and agility. Altimetrik remains focused on enabling digital business through strong collaborative partnerships that achieve measurable business outcomes. Calibo now enables new growth and accelerates clients to digital maturity.”

Altimetrik will continue to operate as a separate entity focused on digital business enablement services while Calibo launches and supports digital products, including its BDP. As an independent company, Calibo will be able to continually invest in R&D for further platform enhancements, leverage dedicated resources for sales and marketing, and build industry-specific pointed products on the Integrated Business Digital Platform. These pointed solutions will allow businesses to foster growth and engage their end consumers. Calibo has already built pointed solutions for financial services and supply chain companies that will be announced shortly.

About Altimetrik

Altimetrik is a digital business enablement company. We focus on bite-size outcomes that accelerate revenue growth without disrupting existing business activities. Our practitioners and agile engineering teams deliver solutions that drive transformation using their end-to-end business perspective as well as technology and data that create new value chains and business opportunities — something traditional businesses cannot offer. With offices across the globe and over 2,500 energized practitioners, Altimetrik partners with Fortune 500 companies and empowers them to become more agile and successful.

About Calibo

Calibo LLC empowers organizations of all sizes to build simplified, engaging business models for growth without disrupting ongoing business operations. Calibo’s Integrated Business Digital Platform (BDP) simplifies product and data engineering and offers a true agile integrated engineering environment. It promotes collaboration, engages internal and external customers, and allows for continuous innovation. By leveraging data and business insights through artificial intelligence, it enables companies to create new and better customer experiences and fully embrace digital business to achieve outcome-driven business results.


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Gregory FCA on behalf of Altimetrik

Jeffrey Fleischman, CMO


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