Carnegie Learning Launches MATHiaFlex to Provide a New Approach to Supplemental Math Resources

New solution gives teachers the instructional flexibility and insight to reinforce key math skills and offer targeted support to students

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Carnegie Learning, the leaders in AI for education and formative assessment, announced today the release of MATHiaFlex, a brand new software experience that gives teachers the flexibility to put every student on an individualized, continuous learning path that coaches and adapts to their unique needs.

MATHiaFlex is powered by MATHia®, the award-winning adaptive learning software that has been continuously enhanced and improved by the Carnegie Learning team of cognitive scientists, software developers, instructional designers and master math practitioners for more than 20 years. MATHia won four AI education awards in 2019 alone and has been named ‘Best AI Solution’ in The EdTech Awards 2020. MATHia mirrors a human coach better than any other platform and amplifies a teacher’s impact by giving each student their very own digital math coach to focus on the specific skills they need.

MATHiaFlex Gives Teachers Flexibility and Valuable Insight

With MATHiaFlex, teachers can search and assign content from all middle and high school grade levels by topic, standard, or keyword based on what their students need—as a class or individually—as well as create their own activities and lessons. The powerful new Standards Navigator tool shows teachers how proficient any class or student is on any given standard, as well as all available math content related to that standard. Teachers can now assign the right content quickly and easily, and they don’t have to spend valuable time searching for supplemental resources. It’s all there in one easy-to-use system.

In addition, LiveLab, Carnegie Learning’s award-winning live facilitation tool that’s available through MATHiaFlex, shows teachers exactly what students are working on and who needs additional support in the moment. It’s the perfect way to monitor a class’s progress and needs during synchronous learning, whether it’s taking place inside the classroom or remotely. Robust reports give teachers a view of all student learning, including standards proficiency.

Students Get Personalized, Constructive Guidance

Step-by-step examples guide students through sample problems, describing each step, rephrasing or redirecting questions, and honing in on the parts of the problem that are proving difficult, just like a real human teacher. Like MATHia, MATHiaFlex looks at every aspect of the student’s work to better understand where they are and what they’re thinking. It doesn’t just tell students what they got wrong—it helps them understand why they got it wrong.

Addressing Unfinished Learning

Students often lose learning during the summer break in what is known as the “summer slide.” This year, the learning loss is compounded by COVID-19 school closures that left many students with unfinished learning that will need to be addressed in the fall. The NWEA estimates that students will return to school with less than 50% of the learning gains in math relative to a typical school year, and in some grades, nearly a full year behind.1

Both MATHia and MATHiaFlex are perfect solutions to address this challenge with powerful artificial intelligence that tutors, adapts, and assesses students every step of the way. With MATHiaFlex, teachers also have the flexibility to assign the highest quality math content to easily remediate and accelerate individual students or sub-groups and track their progress. There will also be a diagnostic solution in place in the fall to give teachers the ability to assess students on particular mathematical topics to effectively guide content assignment in MATHiaFlex.

“We’re excited to bring the power of MATHia to all math teachers, regardless of the core curriculum they’re using,” says Barry Malkin, CEO of Carnegie Learning. “This is a unique moment with unique challenges, and our technology—born from and tested by decades of learning science research—can support administrators and teachers in making sure that students succeed with on-grade level content.”

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