Carnegie Learning Selected by Texas Education Agency as a Math Innovation Zones Approved Vendor

Participating Math Innovation Zones districts and charters throughout Texas can now use award-winning MATHia® software for grades 6-8 blended learning

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Carnegie Learning is proud to announce that it has been selected by the Texas Education Agency as an approved online curriculum vendor for Math Innovation Zones, a component of TEA’s Blended Learning Grant Program. 47 Math Innovation Zones districts and charters throughout the state of Texas can now choose to implement MATHia as part of their blended learning program for grades 6-8.

Math Innovation Zones (MIZ) is a four-year process to design, launch, and scale a high-quality blended learning program in K-8 math. Beginning with a planning year in year 0, districts and charters will grow the blended learning program from a subset of grades in year 1 to a full feeder pattern implementation in 4 years. They will receive support from approved technical assistance providers to support Fidelity of Implementation, in both Planning and Execution, throughout the life of the program.

A Math Software Like No Other

MATHia is smarter math learning software that uses artificial intelligence and cognitive science to mirror a human tutor better than any other software. It provides a simple-to-use, truly 1:1 personalized learning experience for every student, supporting students who are struggling while challenging those who are ready for more, all at the same time. MATHia won four AI education awards in 2019 alone and has been named ‘Best AI Solution’ in The EdTech Awards 2020.

Other software looks at the problem-by-problem path, adapting as it goes, but MATHia dives much deeper, at a very granular level, looking skill-by-skill. It uses artificial intelligence to understand how a student might, for example, use valid math concepts, but do so incorrectly. The result is that for students to move on, they need to first understand why they got something right and show mastery at the skill level.

MATHia also includes LiveLab, a live facilitation tool that empowers teachers with in-the-moment actionable data to effectively manage students while they work in MATHia. Dynamic indicators show which students are working or idle at all times, while alerts let teachers know which students may need additional support. LiveLab uses machine learning to determine which students are most likely to benefit from immediate teacher intervention, and it can pinpoint the specific cognitive skills that might be preventing students from hitting content progression milestones.

“We’re excited to work with Math Innovation Zones districts and charters to drive better math learning for Texas students,” says Barry Malkin, CEO of Carnegie Learning. “Our team of cognitive scientists, software developers, instructional designers and master math practitioners work tirelessly to ensure that MATHia meets the individual needs of every student, regardless of their skill level. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the Texas Education Agency as part of this program.”

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