Carta Healthcare Celebrates Triple-Digit Growth Among Expanding Partner Base and Leadership Team

Adoption of Atlas, Carta Healthcare’s solution for AI-assisted data abstraction, drives growth as healthcare organizations look to optimize use of employee resources while maximizing clinical registry participation

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Carta Healthcare, provider of artificial intelligence (AI)–powered clinical data abstraction technology and services, today announced that the company has reached a milestone of four times year-over-year growth. Additionally, experienced industry executives Lucas Tanner and Catherine Mohr have joined Carta Healthcare’s leadership team and board of directors.

“We’ve experienced remarkable momentum, including the recent addition of three new partners, which brings our partner base to 150 hospitals across 20 health systems,” said Matt Hollingsworth, CEO and co-founder of Carta Healthcare. “We’ve always believed in the transformative power of our industry-leading AI technology to use data to make people healthier. We look forward to continuing with this incredible trajectory through the end of the year and beyond.”

Atlas for Automated Clinical Registry Data Abstraction

Three prestigious teaching hospitals, including a 1,500-bed nationally ranked hospital, are the most recent healthcare organizations to adopt Atlas for their data abstraction needs. Atlas is Carta Healthcare’s AI-assisted data abstraction solution for clinical registries, such as The National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR®).

Using the power of AI and the expertise of Carta Healthcare abstractors, Atlas extracts data from electronic medical records (EMRs), populating registries with greater efficiency and accuracy than manual abstraction. In addition to structured data such as ICD-10 codes, Atlas uses natural language processing (NLP) to “read” through unstructured data such as clinical notes, lab reports, imaging results, and more, accessing the deep reaches of data that are often missed due to resource limitations. Atlas then standardizes all data into a single usable data model for use across multiple systems and reporting tools, such as Tableau and PowerBI.

Using Cartographer as its foundation, Atlas helps unlock patient data to maximize contributions to clinical data registries, shifting the focus of clinicians and nurses away from tedious, manual chart review and form completion so they can focus on what’s most important — quality patient care.

Expanding Leadership and Advisory Team

Behind Carta Healthcare’s suite of products is an experienced — and expanding — multidisciplinary team.

Strategic and operational executive Lucas Tanner has joined as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Lucas has a strong record of building successful companies across a broad range of industries, including big data, SaaS, software, ad-tech, financial services, and the nonprofit sector. As CFO, he brings with him an expertise in business strategy and tactics, internal structure, and company culture. Lucas holds a BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Columbia University.

“It’s an exciting time in Carta Healthcare’s journey to join the team,” said Lucas Tanner. “The growth the team is experiencing is a testament to their intense expertise, commitment to improving patient lives, and of course, their industry-leading advanced technology. I look forward to supporting Carta Healthcare’s continued trajectory and growth objectives.”

Additionally, Catherine Mohr has joined Carta Healthcare’s Board of Directors. Catherine has been in the healthcare technology space for over 20 years, with extensive experience in fields that range from surgery to aerospace engineering. From this diverse background, Catherine brings deep insights into the trends and challenges associated with future technology. Catherine received her BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and her MD from Stanford University School of Medicine.

Contributing to the Knowledge Base Through Peer-Reviewed Publications

In their continued effort to explore the uses of automation to save time and optimize resource utilization, Carta Healthcare advisor David Scheinker, along with co-founders Matt Hollingsworth and Anna Brody and Head of Product Alekhya Reddy, published “The design and evaluation of a novel algorithm for automated preference card optimization” in the June 2021 issue of The Journal of American Medical Informatics Association. In it, the authors describe the development and testing of an algorithm to facilitate the first automated, informatics-based, fully reproducible approach to improve and optimize surgical preference cards.

To learn more about how the combination of AI technology and experienced abstractors can unlock and activate data for clinical registries as well as other quality improvement and research initiatives, watch our recent webinar “Using Advanced Technologies to Understand the Patient Journey and Improve Healthcare.”

About Carta Healthcare

Founded in 2017, Carta Healthcare’s mission is to harness the value of clinical data to improve patient care. Through its industry-leading, AI-driven technology, Carta Healthcare supports the healthcare data registry market by transforming the previously manual clinical data abstraction process. Our technology allows healthcare organizations to collect, analyze, and act on their data, creating a quality, trustworthy dataset whose value fuels data-driven decisions that ultimately improve care delivery. For more information, visit or contact us at


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