Clarify Health Releases Cutting-Edge Enhancements to Its Referral Analytics Software to Help Health Systems Minimize the Impact of COVID-19 Surges on Patient Care

Latest release of Clarify Referrals delivers precise and actionable insights into the prioritization of physicians for engagement and affiliation to improve patient journeys as services reopen

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clarify Health, a leading healthcare analytics company, announced the release of an enhanced version of Clarify Referrals, a SaaS referral analytics product that uncovers actionable opportunities to improve in-network volume using the most precise referral logic and highest coverage claims data on the market. The latest release of this product features a new configuration to the user platform. From a single dashboard, users have one-click access to market and referral insights, including referral distribution by entity, service line, location, and diagnosis-related group (DRG).

“As health systems and provider groups work to rebound from decreased non-urgent care revenues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they need to have a clear line of sight into what is driving volume. If efficiencies are not uncovered and acted on now, the long-term revenue impact could be severe,” said Jean Drouin, MD, CEO of Clarify Health. “In anticipation of this new version of Clarify Referrals, several major US health systems have selected to deploy the software as a critical piece of their revenue recovery and sustainability strategy.”

Clarify Referrals is powered by a platform that draws insights from one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive patient-level data sets, spanning over 300 million lives of claims, lab, prescription, and social determinants data. This fuels Clarify’s ability to use the full power of machine learning and AI to provide the most precise case-mix adjustment in the industry and discover new value-added trends and patterns.

Clarify’s referral analytics software stands apart in the market today through its ability to derive transparent macro and micro insights about patient journeys, referral volume, provider performance, and competitive intelligence in a matter of seconds. As health systems and provider groups work to regain revenue flows via referral optimization, Clarify allows users to interrogate the most up-to-date and complete referral data to uncover actionable opportunities to across their networks.

Sam Bauknight, SVP, Products, remarked “Our next-generation Clarify Referrals product shines as an example of how our differentiated data and patented platform power flexible, business question and insight driven user experiences across our products.”

About Clarify Health

Clarify Health’s enterprise analytics platform empowers providers, health plans, and life sciences companies to deliver better care through actionable insights. By linking clinical, claims, prescription, lab, and social determinants of health data across over 300 million lives and leveraging industry-leading statistical modeling and machine learning, Clarify Health delivers precise insights into performance, cost, and quality.


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