Clearbit Launches Deeper Company Intelligence and New Features to Engage Website Visitors

Enhancements allow B2B teams to improve pipeline visibility and momentum

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clearbit, a leader in marketing intelligence software for B2B organizations, today announced significant updates to its real-time data platform, enabling marketing, sales and operations teams to boost customer acquisition and conversion by revealing more of their hidden pipeline. Clearbit’s deeper and richer contact data, coupled with new platform features, provides teams with a better understanding of who their customers are – and more power to activate that data instantly at key customer touch points across the entire digital funnel.

“Clearbit helps today’s fastest-growing companies compete and win by providing a full picture of their digital funnel, and enabling them to apply real-time intelligence at the most critical moments,” said Andrew O’Neal, Clearbit’s Chief Product Officer. “With our data and platform, we’re uniquely positioned to help teams not only identify their engaged prospects, but also apply the precise targeting and personalization that could mean the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity.”

Powered by Clearbit’s Reveal and Enrichment capabilities, the Clearbit platform gives B2B teams the full picture about every company in their target market – and on their website – unlocking the true potential of their funnel. By applying that intelligence to better identify, engage and connect with prospects, more than 1,500 go-to-market teams use Clearbit to improve Acquisition, Conversion and Operations across their stack.

Through a combination of machine learning and aggregation, Clearbit is constantly improving its data breadth, depth and accuracy. The new data enhancements announced today will provide deeper contact data for over 100 million contacts and 25% greater contact coverage. Combined with Clearbit’s global view of every company with a website, this gives B2B teams the precise, real-time intelligence they need to confidently target and tailor email campaigns and outbound sales for customer acquisition.

Clearbit Reveal, Clearbit’s identity solution, instantly identifies website visitors to enable content personalization, tailored sales engagement, action alerts and more. With the combination of Clearbit’s newly enhanced Enrichment data and Clearbit Reveal, teams can:

– Identify “hidden pipeline” on their website, even before a form is filled

– Instantly alert sales teams when VIP prospects land on the site

– Use engaged web visitor information to improve B2B ad targeting

– Sync visitor activity back to CRM and marketing automation platforms

“From a conversion point of view, Clearbit helps solve the relevance problem at the source. It helps us prioritize the best kinds of leads, even before lead capture happens, and take them through the best conversion process,” said Shri Mithran, Sr. Marketing Manager, Chargebee. “Our focus on relevance and personalization helps us create those ‘wow’ moments for current and prospective customers, right from the first touchpoint.”

Companies interested in exploring the power and potential of Reveal can now try out Clearbit’s new Weekly Visitor Report free of charge, which provides go-to-market teams with a valuable snapshot of their previously hidden website audience.

About Clearbit – Clearbit’s B2B marketing intelligence platform enables growth, marketing and revenue operations teams to apply data-driven, real-time intelligence to their digital funnel. Today over 1,500 customers worldwide in a broad range of industries, including Segment, Asana, and Atlassian, use Clearbit’s platform to maximize acquisition, conversion and operational efficiency. Backed by Zetta Venture Partners, Bedrock Capital, and First Round Capital, Clearbit is based in San Francisco. Get started at


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