CloudCover® CC/B1 CyberSafety Platform™ Unhackable by Black Hat USA and DEF CON Attackers

Over 400 unique attackers between the two industry-leading conferences attempted to compromise the CC/B1

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CloudCover®, an automated intelligence (AI)-driven cybersecurity platform, announces a successful penetration test of its CC/B1 CyberSafety Platform™ by attendees of Black Hat USA 2021 and DEF CON 29. At both conferences, CloudCover invited show attendees to attack and compromise the infrastructure of the CC/B1 – a move that resulted in zero compromises.

Both conferences are industry-leading computer security and hacking research events and together drew over 40,000 virtual and in-person attendees, making the “unhackable” result of the CC/B1 all the more notable. Black Hat USA is an internationally recognized cybersecurity event, designed to provide security professionals with a place to learn the latest in information security risks, research, and trends. DEF CON, one of the world’s largest and most notable hacker conventions, brings together hackers, corporate IT professionals, and government agencies to absorb cutting-edge hacking research from the brilliant minds in the hacking space and test their skills in hacking contests.

Over 400 unique attackers tried their hand at compromising the CC/B1 Platform between the two conferences, resulting in a total of 403,044 attacks from IP addresses in over 80 countries across the globe. In all cases, the CC/B1 Platform defeated the attackers.

“Black Hat USA and DEF CON are the ideal conferences for us to test our CC/B1 Platform,” says Robert Demopoulos, CTO, EVP Technology of CloudCover. “Not only are they two of the most important conferences in our industry, but many who attend these events are experts at seeking out cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Learning that CC/B1 was unable to be compromised by some of the best hackers in the world is further validation of our platform – fantastic news as we’re preparing to launch our cybersecurity insurance offerings.”

CloudCover’s CC/B1 CyberSafety Platform utilizes advanced mathematics for deep learning and predictive analysis, delivering a nearly impenetrable layer of protection to an organization’s existing security stack. Use of the platform is akin to having a Firewall Everywhere™ – the CC/B1 deploys without operational disruption in minutes and starts to demonstrate its value in 72 hours, collecting data from all corners of an organization’s network and providing 99.9999999% accurate threat detection and microsecond response.

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CloudCover®, an AI-driven cybersecurity platform, has reimagined reactive CyberSecurity into proactive, anticipatory CyberSafety – delivering real-time extended threat detection and response (X/NDR) through patented, math-based security orchestration automated response (SOAR) risk-aware and risk control. The SOAR system accumulates data between an organization’s diverse security technologies and environments and streamlines them for a holistic action on potential risks. Our CC/B1 Platform provides an ever-evolving, protective layer to your existing cybersecurity tech stack – meaning network threats are detected with 99.9999999% accuracy and eliminated in microseconds. With CloudCover, the elusive “single pane of orchestration” capability of an organization’s network security isn’t a myth – it’s reality. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


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