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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#OilandGasIndustry–Quantzig’s predictive analytics solutions helped an industrial gas manufacturing firm to increase manufacturing and recovery rates by 23%. Request a FREE demo for comprehensive solution insights.

Industrial gas manufacturing firms often gather huge volumes of unstructured data through their process control and manufacturing systems. If analyzed accurately, these data sets can predict equipment performance in real-time. Thus leading industrial gas manufacturing companies are looking forward to leveraging advanced predictive models and analytics solutions that can help them by providing actionable insights for improved outcomes. This is one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of predictive analytics in the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas companies are now adopting advanced predictive analytics, which combines engineering, data science, and computing power to forecast yields and maximize industry assets. Request a free proposal to know more about the use cases for predictive analytics in the oil and gas industry.

Quantzig’s Methodology

The client’s business processes revolved around manufacturing, refining, and distribution of industrial gas, which resulted in the generation of complex machine data. With real-time data volumes increasing with every passing day, the client was looking for smarter ways to use predictive analytics models to drive greater results. To help this industrial gas manufacturing client tackle their challenges, our predictive analytics experts adopted a three-phased holistic approach that focused on leveraging advanced predictive analytics models to interpret, visualize, and analyze complex data sets. The first stage revolved around data aggregation and analysis; the second step focused on exploratory analysis and predictive data modeling. The third and final step involved evaluating the accuracy of the devised predictive analytics model to verify its ability to solve business complexities.

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Business Impact

In addition to the results obtained through the use of predictive analytics models, this engagement helped the client to deploy an enterprise-wide analytics operating model that aligned with their objectives. The key business outcomes included-

  • Increased recovery rates by 23%
  • Fewer incidents were reported of all types, including product spillage and emissions
  • Enhanced operation excellence by adhering to industry standards
  • Better risk management through accelerated decision-making

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