Coronavirus Accentuates Existing Problems in America’s Health Care System

MANASSAS, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Advocate–On March 13th, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a brief that delves into the costs surrounding COVID-19. The findings highlight the steep expenses that may plague employer health plans and their enrollees. Although many insurers are covering some testing and treatments, the costs associated with hospitalizations are not being waived, leaving a large group of employees and their dependents vulnerable to astronomical medical bills. These costs could potentially surpass $20,000 per employee.

For many members of the general public, this may seem like an issue that we’re just now uncovering. However, this comes as no surprise to those with a career in health care, like James Napoli, JD, CEO of Medliminal®. Mr. Napoli has his own thoughts on how the virus has impacted health care costs, stating, “Although the health care costs associated with COVID-19 are a new challenge that will impact many Americans, medical bill overcharges have been troubling our society long before COVID-19 came along.”

Medliminal® is a medical cost containment company that deals with medical billing errors and overcharges on a daily basis. “Medical debt has become the number one cause of bankruptcy in America, and yet, over 90% of medical bills contain billing errors,” Mr. Napoli reveals. With the machine learning capabilities of their proprietary technology, H-CAT™, combined with their experienced nurses and coding team, Medliminal® identifies billing errors for their clients, including large corporations, insurance companies, employers, as well as the individual consumer.

Medliminal’s Senior Director of Hospital Division, Brian Echols, is continuing to work with his team to provide health care consumers with the newest innovations in medical cost containment. “Medliminal is closely following recommendations from the CDC and CMS regarding coding and billing guidance for health care encounters related to the Coronavirus outbreak,” Mr. Echols disclosed. “Our team of professionals will continue to make the necessary changes to our claim review process to ensure our clients receive expert review of their medical charges.”

With years of experience and their team of experts, Medliminal has positioned itself to be at the forefront in the containment of health care costs associated with the Coronavirus. To learn more, visit


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