CrossBraining Empowers Educators with Launch of Cloud-based Video Learning and Assessment Solution

Education technology company partners with GoPro to provide first-of-its-kind digital storytelling and deep learning platform for K-12, career and technical students and corporate training

EAST LANSING, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CrossBraining, a premier digital storytelling and assessment solutions company, announces the launch of its CrossBraining platform, a first-of-its-kind experiential learning and assessment solution for K-12, career and technical students, as well as for corporate education and training. CrossBraining provides a multidisciplinary approach for teaching and learning, allowing users to capture their learning process through 45-second video storytelling in the classroom or through remote learning.

The platform delivers one-of-a-kind project-based learning activities that enable students to capture video with the use of GoPro cameras, as well as other digital cameras. CrossBraining fosters student accountability throughout the entire learning process and equips teachers or employers with the tools to manage and measure proficiencies in a way that supports a broad spectrum of learning styles and experiences.

“As a former teacher of 22 years, I personally understand traditional testing may not always suit every student’s ability to demonstrate their knowledge,” said Josh Nichols, founder and CEO, CrossBraining. “Our edtech platform was created with that in mind and was designed to empower all learning styles and needs, while also building confidence by bringing real-life concepts to the classroom.”

With the adoption of new technologies and computer science curriculums being incorporated into the classroom and other educational settings, certain assignments and learning targets may prove difficult for educators to gauge and substantiate proficiencies with traditional testing processes. CrossBraining empowers educators and employers to fully grasp the educational opportunities and value-add of contemporary courses, as well as better calculate the return on investment.

“CrossBraining helps my students organize and show their learning progress from beginning to end, while also providing me time-saving classroom and project management capabilities,” said Matt B. Hawkins, educator, Gull Lake Middle School. “The platform also engages my students in a way that motivates them with deep, versatile learning.”

How CrossBraining Works

The cloud-based management platform operates as a two-sided application, including both a teacher and student dashboard for a seamless, comprehensive experience. Through the user-friendly CrossBraining interface, educators can create new lessons that house the necessary details, overview and goals for each assignment within minutes.

CrossBraining’s built-in digital editing functionality takes the hassle out of video editing, thereby allowing students to easily record and upload their final video product while remaining focused on the lesson. Educators are able to quickly gauge and monitor students’ status at any stage of the assignment to ensure they’re progressing sufficiently or step in to assist if needed.

“Students learn best through hands-on learning and benefit from taking ownership of their learning process – CrossBraining enables that,” said Kate Thirolf, vice president for instruction, Jackson College. “Not to mention, our students are saying how much fun they’re having using the edtech platform.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 55.1 million students have been impacted nationwide. With that in mind, GoPro and CrossBraining are working together to provide free educational lessons for parents and teachers to use for students while they are homeschooling. Lessons can be found on the CrossBraining website, here:

As part of the GoPro #HomePro challenge, the two companies are encouraging educators to share their homeschool lesson plans to social media using the #GoPro and #HomePro hashtags and tagging @CrossBraining. If a lesson plan is picked, that person will be awarded the new GoPro HERO8 Black camera and a year’s subscription to CrossBraining.

“The active learning philosophy of CrossBraining aligns perfectly with GoPro,” said Rick Loughery, vice president of global marketing and communications, GoPro. “We want people to use our cameras to capture and tell stories through unique perspectives that you can only get with a GoPro camera. Whether it is putting it inside a two-liter bottle rocket to show force-in-motion or strapping it to a wooden car to give kids a fun way to show the basics of inertia, GoPro cameras enable new perspectives for students and educators to document learning.”

Thirolf continued, “The coronavirus pandemic has created exceptional challenges for both students and our instructors alike. As this unprecedented situation continues to rapidly evolve, we’ve been able to leverage some phenomenal online-based education tools to support and advance student learning amid school closures. CrossBraining is one of those tools.”

CrossBraining is dedicated to creating long-term value for teachers and students, customers, shareholders, employees and communities through superior innovation in building an open-source platform for high-quality collaboration and lesson exchange.

CrossBraining already serves approximately 7,000 users in the United States. Additionally, through the CrossBraining platform, educators also have access to the ‘CB Community,’ a repository of free lesson plans and resources from other like-minded educators to leverage and build on in their own classrooms.

About CrossBraining

Founded in 2015, CrossBraining is a digital storytelling and assessment platform that provides a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. CrossBraining enables students to capture, narrate and reflect on their learning targets through video storytelling. Through a one-of-a-kind experiential learning approach, CrossBraining equips K-12, career and technical students, as well as corporate trainees, with the tools to demonstrate their learning journey from A to Z. Providing educators the means to manage the entire process and ensure proficiency, CrossBraining’s cloud-based platform is purpose-built for assessment and utilizes an intuitive, open-source platform to equip all students with the ability to map out and exhibit their aptitude for any curriculum or activity. At CrossBraining, we believe learning is an adventure. Capture it. To learn more about CrossBraining, visit


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