CVP Debuts New Solutions Delivering Advanced Data Insights and Infrastructure Automation

FAIRFAX, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CVPHopperCVP, a business and technology consulting firm that helps organizations prepare for a culture of Continuous Change, has released a suite of new solutions designed to help customers more effectively navigate change. The company’s first two offerings within the suite, CVP Nightingale (“Nightingale”) and CVP Hopper (“Hopper”), are Managed Platform-as-a-Service (MPaaS) solutions that deliver data insights and infrastructure automation. Nightingale and Hopper allow organizations to cost-effectively leverage scalable infrastructure to gain critical data-driven insights for more precise, fact-based decision-making. Both can be deployed in either CVP’s cloud or a customer’s cloud and are able to achieve FISMA Moderate or High security controls.

Nightingale uses advanced analytics to help customers tap into their existing data, both structured and unstructured, and dramatically enhance business and operational decisions. One CVP customer’s analytical process affecting $1+ billion in spending took over four weeks to run on their traditional data warehouse. Using Nightingale, the customer reduced costs by more than 2/3 and now has the process running in under 48 hours.

Built on open-source and cloud-first technologies, Nightingale delivers rapid business insights enabling organizations to move from data silos with limited-range tools to leveraging the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and big data tools to gain critical data-driven insights, all securely and cost-effectively.

Nightingale is capable of delivering results as reports, Application Programming Interfaces (API), or automation via Robotic Process Automation (RPA), helping decision-makers achieve real value with data.

Nightingale is a full lifecycle solution offering:

  • Cloud-first quick deployment using infrastructure as code
  • Open analytics platform with dashboards and data science notebooks, using several best-in-breed tools
  • Deep insights with advanced AI—such as automatically tuned deep neural networks and baked-in, explainable AI which allows for the integration and automation of any business process

Hopper is a software factory in-a-box composed of a set of integrated development, security, and operations tools designed to increase productivity and accelerate the path to Authority to Operate (ATO). Hopper removes barriers by accelerating installation and configuration of application development and IT operations environments, enabling customers moving toward modernization to develop, test, and implement applications far more quickly and efficiently.

Hopper is particularly valuable to Application Development leaders as it allows for easy and secure management of the entire DevSecOps infrastructure, dramatically simplifying the environment and associated processes. Using Hopper reduces the average project startup time from 3+ months to 50 minutes—enabling clients to almost immediately stand up a fully cloud-enabled, STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide)-hardened OpenShift, Jenkins, SonarQube, Splunk integrated development, and continuous integration, delivery, and security (CI/CD/CS) infrastructure solution via automated scripts.

“Nightingale and Hopper are the first of many solutions from CVP designed to help clients focus on outcomes rather than simply process,” said Anirudh Kulkarni, CVP Founder and CEO. “They represent best practice implementations that reduce the need for hard-to-find talent to implement and maintain costly, secure infrastructure while dramatically speeding up time to results.”

Why “Nightingale” and “Hopper?” CVP chose to name all of the solutions in this suite after important women in STEM. CVP’s Nightingale is named after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and an early pioneer of data visualization. CVP’s Hopper is named after Grace Hopper, a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy, a key inventor of the COBOL programming language, and was an early innovator of programming languages, compilers, and distributed networks. Nightingale and Hopper are available as a packaged solution or independently.

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