Data Society Launches Transformational Data Science Learning Experience Communication Platform

meldR, a new category of Social Learning platform, will empower Healthcare and Life Science’s learning and development departments with a collaborative path to building data-savvy teams.

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#LXCP–Data Society, the leading provider of industry-tailored Data Science training programs and AI solutions to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, today announced the launch of a new social learning platform, meldR. meldR is a new category of product called a Learning Experience Communication Platform (LXCP).

The meldR LXCP is a first-of-its-kind Social Learning platform explicitly designed to foster an internal community of practice, empower communications between students and their company’s learning and development (L&D) team, and streamline the process of deploying data science training academies.

Initially, meldR will meet the needs of healthcare and life science’s L&D departments to build an internal culture around data, facilitate mentoring programs between colleagues, and deliver data science future-readiness.

Available as a freemium, meldR is a feature-rich solutions platform that supplants costly LXPs and enables organizations to gather metrics to quickly identify up-skilled team members, matching internal talent with data science department demands. meldR empowers shared understanding and a culture of learning within an organization.

“The healthcare and life science industry today faces the challenge of delivering centralized training programs effectively, which is a big roadblock to building an internal data culture,” stated Merav Yuravlivker, CEO, Data Society. “Knowledge, collaboration, and communication are crucial to developing a community of practice that fosters innovation. meldR supports an organization’s desire to prepare its employees with the skills needed to solve complex challenges and unlock new potential that further their organization’s goals.”

Designed and developed with communications and quick delivery for both the learner and L&D department, meldR features include:

  • Communications at its core. meldR offers messaging, notifications, discussion boards, calendars, TA/Instructor meetings, email platform integration and correspondence templates. All of these features simplify the internal marketing and communications across an organization.
  • 1:1 Mentoring. This is an essential tool in cultivating a data culture, mitigating roadblocks, accelerating data knowledge, forming tiger teams, and driving critical objectives quicker.
  • Bring Your Data Course Creation. This leverages internal AI/ML to rapidly (in minutes) create industry-tailored, domain-specific courses to maximize the engagement, retention, and application of new skills.
  • Metrics. meldR includes a supervisor’s dashboard displaying learner badges, pathways, and certifications earned. Supervisors can also access ROI reports on L&D’s communications outreach, purchase and release classes, and much more.
  • Compliance. meldR was custom built to adhere to the data concerns specific to the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

meldR has a rapid deployment model that can assist an L&D department with the power of an LXCP. For more information on meldR LXCP, go to

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Jo Ann Stadtmueller

VP of Marketing