Datastrong Plays Important Role in Advancing Vaccines

FAIRFAX, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Datastrong–Datastrong, a Smartronix company and a leading provider in Data Science and Advanced Analytics solutions, has announced that it has partnered with a major pharmaceutical firm to provide expertise in Digital Transformation, Data Accessibility, and Analytics.

Given how critical vaccine manufacturing and testing is today, Datastrong is proud to have been chosen by one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers to assist in migrating vaccine data into the cloud, providing greater data accessibility and analytical optimization.

“As our clients embark on their Digital Transformation and Cloud deployment journeys, we are hearing customers ask for solutions that can be deployed faster in order to integrate data across business systems and applications that drive better insights,” said Datastrong co-founder, Andrew Patterson. “Our Bio-Pharma customers are looking for ways to increase their time to market with vaccines to prevent the spread of disease. Conducting faster data analysis can help shorten product development, research testing trials, logistics and distribution processes to bring vaccines to market faster. Datastrong’s Cloud solutions, Modern Data Architecture, and Digital Transformation capabilities can help customers deploy and adopt advanced analytics solutions faster. Given the importance of vaccines in this day and age, we’re happy to bring our experience and expertise to our pharmaceutical clients to provide them with unprecedented speed and access to critical data.”

“Datastrong’s goal is to be a trusted advisor to our clients and provide our them with recommendations on the best solutions,” Patterson goes on to say. “At Datastrong, we have strong capabilities in the Government, Bio-Pharma, Education and Financial services industries and we start by leveraging our ability to quickly understand the customer’s unique business requirements and then recommend the right technical solution that will meet the technical, operational, business and financial needs of the client.”

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