DataTribe Announces $1.7M Seed Investment in SightGain

Cyber Foundry Funds Start-up With a New Approach To Cybersecurity Risk Management

FULTON, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DataTribe, a global cyber foundry that invests in and co-builds next-generation cybersecurity and data science companies, announced today $1.7M seed investment in SightGain. SightGain won the 2020 DataTribe Challenge in December which made them eligible for a seed investment of up to $2M. SightGain is the only cybersecurity risk management platform that evaluates security readiness by testing how well both production systems and personnel detect and prevent actual malicious attacks.

“Given our focus on over-the-horizon technologies and teams often coming from the intelligence community, SightGain is a great fit. The SightGain team brings unique intelligence community experience and their technology has already deployed in the most demanding cybersecurity environments in the world,” said John Funge, Managing Director, DataTribe. “We’re excited to collaborate closely with SightGain to build a world-class company.”

SightGain’s patent-pending analytics platform first evaluates an enterprise’s readiness posture – identifying weaknesses in live production environments and provides tailored recommendations to improve readiness. It is the only risk management platform that evaluates cybersecurity readiness by automatically testing how well an organization’s technology, processes, and personnel prevent, detect and respond to actual adversary exploits. From this information, SightGain automatically quantifies an organization’s financial and mission risk exposure. Synthesizing this information, SightGain’s dashboards enable executives and board members to align cybersecurity investments to best defend against actual versus hypothetical threats.

“After winning the 2020 DataTribe Challenge, we are thrilled to announce DataTribe’s investment in SightGain. DataTribe is the perfect partner for us as we bring SightGain to commercial markets. DataTribe’s unique combination of both capital and operational resources will be a big advantage as we charge forward,” said Christian Sorensen, CEO of SightGain.

About DataTribe

DataTribe is a startup foundry that invests in and co-builds world class startups focused on generational leaps in cybersecurity and data science. Founded by leading investors, startup veterans and alumni of the U.S. intelligence community, DataTribe commits capital, in-kind services, access to an unparalleled network, and decades of professional expertise to give their companies an unfair advantage. DataTribe is headquartered in the Washington-Baltimore metro area, in Fulton, Maryland. For more information, visit

About SightGain

SightGainSightGain is the only risk management solution focused on cybersecurity readiness. Unlike typical IRM solutions that estimate readiness using industry benchmark data and compliance checklists, SightGain tests and measures readiness using real-world attack simulations in a customer’s live environment. These results are used to make improvements across cybersecurity people, process, and technology. Once current readiness is tuned, SightGain combines emperic readiness data with business information and threat intelligence to build the business case to prioritize long term investments. For more information, visit


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