Deep 6 AI Announces Release of Trial Recommender

First-of-its-kind tool speeds up patient recruitment by increasing trial awareness and allowing physicians to precision-match patients to clinical trials in minutes

PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deep 6 AI today announced the addition of Trial Recommender to its industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI)-driven clinical trial acceleration platform. Addressing a major gap in traditional patient recruitment, Trial Recommender lets physicians and their patients easily discover and participate in clinical research.

Leveraging the Deep 6 AI and NLP platform, Trial Recommender offers precision-matched clinical trial opportunities for patients, during their visit with a treating physician, based on real-time structured and unstructured clinical data.

Starting inside their EMR or the Trial Recommender portal, a physician can review precision-matched trial opportunities for their patients in mere minutes, to determine study fit and impact. This empowers doctors to give their patients access to cutting-edge treatments and make data-driven decisions about their care.

Trial Recommender also operates across the Deep 6 site network. Principal investigators (PIs), sponsors, or CROs publish their studies to Trial Recommender, increasing physician awareness of current studies and increasing patient access to new care options. This is particularly helpful in the case of decentralized clinical trials, making such trials more widely available to a larger, geographically dispersed population of patients.

“Increased patient participation in clinical trials is a must to bring new treatments to market faster,” said Wout Brusselaers, founder and CEO of Deep 6 AI. “By offering treating physicians and nurses a highly precise, low-effort solution to consider clinical trials as part of a patient’s care options, we can now invoke the unique, trusted relationship they have with their patients. Surveys have shown that 68% of patients consider joining a clinical trial on the recommendation of their physician, compared to less than 1% of patients after exposure to study information via advertisements or other means.”

“As a nurse with over 20 years’ experience in research institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic, I’ve seen first hand how incredibly valuable offering clinical research as a care option (CRAACO) is for patients, especially those with few or no remaining treatment options,” said Allison Tyler, BSN, RN, OCN, Clinical Application Specialist for Deep 6 AI. “A solution that recommends highly precise clinical trial options to treating physicians offers them a wider range of options from which to select the best therapy available for their patient’s specific condition.”

For more information about how Deep 6 AI connects sponsors, CROs, sites, clinical researchers, and physicians in a real-time, real-world data-driven collaborative ecosystem, contact us to schedule a demo.


Deep 6 AI is the leader in clinical trial acceleration software, using cutting-edge technology and unparalleled deep data to help defeat disease and get life-saving therapies to market faster. The company’s flagship eClinical platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) on both structured and unstructured patient data to precision match patients with complex clinical trials in mere minutes — advancing research faster than the speed of disease and providing physicians with the latest care options for their patients.

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Kristi Lee-John for Deep 6 AI