Design Thinking Process Management Company Be-novative Delivers Groundbreaking Remote Collaboration Platform

AI-facilitated approach helps global teams with resilience and virtual problem-solving

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DesignThinking–Adaptation, resilience and upskilling employees for design thinking are becoming more important tools for successful leaders and organizations, according to recent IBM research. But building resilience across an organization to identify and creatively solve problems together can be challenging — especially in this transformative year when so many are working remotely. Companies are adapting — but to achieve success, employees need effective ways to connect from anywhere to collaborate, brainstorm, build new business models, validate ideas and take action. Enter Be-novative, a platform that allows remote teams or entire companies to combine insights, knowledge and ideas by fusing artificial intelligence and design thinking in virtually facilitated collaborative sessions.

Be-novative is offering a free, one-hour facilitated workshop to help organizations across the globe learn to turn challenges into opportunities, better handle crises and evolve. The design thinking process management platform offers cultural change by helping teams engage virtually from anywhere to solve problems collaboratively and identify the best ideas to implement based on everyone’s viewpoints.

According to a survey of 1,100 executives from The Conference Board, 35 percent of U.S. companies don’t know when they’ll reopen offices. Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Square and Shopify have announced permanent moves to work from home, at least for segments of their workforce. To keep productivity high, digital employee engagement and collaborative problem-solving services like Be-novative will become even more important.

“Creating and fostering a resilient culture happens through challenge-based learning,” says Be-novative founder and CEO Priszcilla “Pris” Várnagy. “Innovation is not linear, it materializes in multiple iterations — and failure is only the sign of lack of discovery and validation. With Be-novative’s proprietary platform, remote teams can solve problems, dare to share even half-baked solutions and validate ideas based on insights and feedback.”

CEO Priszcilla “Pris” Várnagy, a psychologist and innovation consultant, founded Be-novative as a Singularity University Labs company, backed by shareholder and strategic partners Microsoft and Spencer Stewart. She studied Design Thinking at IDEO and Stanford D School, and from Eric Ries and the Lean Startup Machine.

Be-novative is a Design Thinking-based digital collaboration platform that facilitates remote workshops to unite people in online ideation processes, brainstorming, design sprints, action planning and retrospectives, new business model creation workshops, collaborative webinars and open innovation challenges. This process does not just reduce travel costs, but offers positive cultural impact and scales workshop efficiency even with thousands of participants. A global scale-up company, Be-novative works with many Fortune 200 companies, well known NGOs, SMEs and educational institutions, including Microsoft, Givaudan, Cisco, Merck, Bayer, Knorr-Bremse, Deutsche Telekom, GE, Danaher, Mozilla, Aegon-Transamerica, SMU Cox Business School, United Nations Youth Forum and OECD, and has offices in Budapest and at Singularity University Labs in Mountain View, California.


Jennifer Weismann