Dgraph Rises to the Top Graph Database on GitHub With 11 G2 Badges and 11M Downloads

People, Product, and Partnerships Drive Explosive Growth at Dgraph

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CXDgraph Labs (“Dgraph”), the #1 open source graph database, today announced it has catapulted to the top spot on GitHub as well as secured numerous accolades across other success metrics. With explosive growth in the open source community combined with the stellar expansion of its commercial product, Dgraph is well-positioned for market disruption.

Founded in 2016, Dgraph is based on the idea that everyone should have access to the same level of graph database technology that the likes of Google and Facebook have built. Since releasing version one of Dgraph in 2017, it has accumulated more than 16,000 GitHub stars, making it the number one open source graph database on GitHub.

This success is mirrored in the rapid growth in monthly downloads. The company recently revealed it has had 11 million Docker downloads and averaged over 1.5 million downloads per month in 2021.

“At Google, we had many backends serving different data models, with no interaction with each other. Unifying them into one data graph allowed Google to advance from simple keyword searches to truly understanding user queries and serving responses,” said Manish Jain, Dgraph’s founder and CTO. “This need to unify disparate datasets into one graph system has become widespread. That’s why I built Dgraph, the next-generation graph database designed to serve live user traffic across complex interconnected schemas and massive datasets. It is truly humbling to see just how massive the Dgraph community has grown and how well Dgraph has been received, in a relatively short time period.”

Customers are discovering and seeing clear benefits to using Dgraph’s native-GraphQL graph database, as evidenced by the 11 G2 badges Dgraph earned in their spring report season. These include a leader badge in the graph database category as well as a top performer badge in the larger and more competitive NoSQL category. The G2 badges recognize Dgraph’s ease of use, customer support, and stellar relationships.

News of Dgraph’s success across these metrics comes on the heels of bringing on board a new CEO. Gary Hagmueller was announced as Dgraph’s CEO in early March, bringing more than 20 years of technology startup experience to the series A-funded business. The move signaled upcoming commercial expansion.

“Taking the top spot on GitHub and our exponential download growth underscores how vibrant, engaging, and global Dgraph has become,” said Hagmueller. “We value the continued support, and it’s great to see our community of users and enterprise customers finding success with Dgraph.”

The company recently added Austin Rutherford as SVP of customer journey to its veteran roster. Rutherford’s commitment to customers and focus on streamlining their success is fundamental to the company’s growth going forward. Dgraph also brought on a new director of sales, David Sutphin, to support the rapidly growing enterprise customers investigating Dgraph’s solutions.

To celebrate the community of open source and cloud-based users, Dgraph launched its inaugural user conference last month. Dgraph Day brought together industry leaders with a wide range of Dgraph users and those curious about GraphQL and graph databases. With 13 speakers and four workshops, the event helped to educate the community and provided an opportunity to share experiences and best practices.

The company also launched a new tiered structure of Dgraph Cloud. The Free, Shared, and Dedicated tiers provide access to the cloud-based native-GraphQL graph database with a fully managed solution. The Free tier is ideal for learning Dgraph, while the Shared tier offers shared instances that are designed for developers building apps and early-stage startups innovating with new technologies. The Dedicated tier lets enterprises scale to terabytes of data in a highly available production-ready environment.

Announced at Dgraph Day, Dgraph Cloud is now available across 20 regions on AWS. Dedicated instances are also available on Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Dgraph has partnered with Capventis to expand digital transformation across a global network of brands. This partnership facilitates integrations for analytics, customer engagement, and customer management. These two innovative and rapidly growing tech companies are poised to streamline companies’ data unification and ensure deeper business understanding.

“The Capventis and Dgraph partnership is an exciting opportunity for digital transformation across a range of industries in the U.S., U.K., and around the world,” said Mike Hawkes, Capventis CTO. “We built some of our core software on Dgraph’s technology, and it is already yielding incredible insights and analytics from previously messy and siloed data. I’m thrilled to work with the Dgraph team to expand the role of our shared technologies.”

“Of course, it is thrilling to watch Dgraph’s rapid growth. From our community and usage expansion to new partnerships and clients coming on board, it’s clear that Dgraph is resonating with the market,” added Hagmueller. “Even more interesting to me, though, is where Dgraph is going. As our product reaches new levels of maturity, it is clear that our unique position within the graph database and GraphQL ecosystems coalesce for significant market disruption.”

To learn more about Dgraph and how it is driving digital transformation through graph databases and GraphQL, please visit http://dgraph.io/.

About Dgraph Labs

Dgraph Labs is the graph database that powers data unification for real-time intelligence. The only GraphQL-native graph database, Dgraph underpins the digital transformation of terabytes of data for businesses that depend on complex data structures. A vibrant open source community downloads Dgraph over 1.5 million times per month, with the database executing over 100 billion queries; Dgraph is the #1 graph database on GitHub with over 16,000 stars. Dgraph’s customers include companies from Fortune 500 companies as well as rapid-growth startups. Dgraph Labs was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley. For more information, visit http://dgraph.io/, and follow Dgraph Labs on LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub and YouTube.

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