Dr. Andy Khawaja Unveils Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ai–Dr. Andy Khawaja, award-winning payment services innovator, recently unveiled a project he has been working on for nearly a year now – Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform. “AIDP” is creating limitless artificial intelligence technology that will help sustain the world’s population and improve future conditions.

For over a decade, Andy Khawaja led the payment services industry in innovation and success. His brilliance shined as he earned hundreds of awards from all over the world for the products and solutions he brought to every continent.

As the creator of the virtual wallet and inventor of what we know today as “the cloud,” Andy Khawaja saw an opportunity to change the world as we know it once again. A year ago, he stepped away from the payment industry to focus all of his attention on AI technology.

“The new AI technology that we are creating will change the world and offer us more sustainability through pandemics, crisis, and everyday life in general. Technology will re-shape our future for the better,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja.

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform, or AIDP, makes note of our unique times and the way we are all affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, or COVID-19. Global economies are being destroyed and many people are losing access to basic needs.

Andy Khawaja said, “The Coronavirus Pandemic will not be our last global crisis. Imagine if we were faced with a virus ten times as powerful in the future… The Coronavirus has already put a halt on economies and mankind – what would we do if forced to endure a deadlier or longer lasting pandemic? This recent COVID-19 situation has only reinforced what I sought to build years ago.”

AIDP is innovating to release technology that will strengthen global communities. They’re building an artificial intelligence processing system that will drive compatible machines and systems that are capable of learning and performing tasks when humans cannot.

Dr. Andy Khawaja and Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform are advancing AI technology to create a better future for the world.

About Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform:

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform is creating new AI technology for compatible systems and machines to build a safer, more sustainable future for mankind. Please visit http://www.ai-dp.com/ for more information.


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