Dr. Jonathan Lakey Named to Head Development Team to Further GATC Health’s Diabetes Diagnoses and Treatment Platform

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#biotechGATC Health, an innovative technology company focused on whole genome testing and Predictive Multiomics™, today announced that Dr. Jonathan Lakey, co-developer of the Edmonton Protocol and world-renowned diabetes and islet transplantation expert, has joined the company’s board of advisors. Dr. Lakey’s input and guidance will be integral to the development of GATC Health’s diabetes platform, which combines multiomic analyses with advanced machine learning to aid early detection, intervention and treatment of diabetes and diabetes therapies including islet and stem cell transplantation.

“Dr. Lakey is recognized nationally and internationally for his groundbreaking research in diabetes,” noted GATC’s interim CEO, John Stroh. “He is the recipient of numerous national awards in the field of diabetes and islet transplantation. In addition, he has served on scientific advisory boards for several diabetes biotechnology companies, on regulatory boards establishing safety standards for cell and tissue transplantation, and on editorial boards of diabetes, biomaterial and transplantation journals. We are honored to welcome him to our advisory board and look forward to his support in the development of our diabetes platform.”

“GATC Health has presented me with an incredible opportunity to make significant advancements in the detection and treatment of diabetes,” stated Dr. Lakey. “I am tasked with assembling a world-class team of scientific and technical experts to further develop a diabetes-focused platform utilizing the company’s Multiomics Advanced Technology™ (MAT). The GATC Health diabetes platform has the potential to revolutionize the way we detect diabetes before it develops in an individual and possibly arrest its progression through new treatments and transplantation protocols.”

Dr. Lakey is currently a Professor of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering and the Director of the Clinical Islet Program at the University of California Irvine. He received his doctorate degree from the University of Alberta, Canada and pursued his post-doctoral training in Indianapolis and Seattle before returning to establish his research program at the University of Alberta. Dr. Lakey was also the Director of the Comprehensive Tissue Bank in Edmonton. His contributions and partnership with Dr. James Shapiro led towards the improvement of islet isolation techniques and the development of the Edmonton Protocol for patients with Type I diabetes, a recognized major advancement in the treatment of Type I diabetes.

About GATC Health

GATC Health is a pioneering technology company using Predictive Multiomics™ to advance drug discovery and improve human health. GATC Health’s proprietary Multiomic Advanced Technology (MAT™) sequences an individual’s DNA, reading the entire genome and analyzing the full data set of “omics,” including genomics, proteomics, microbiomics. A complete understanding of a person’s genetics combined with the evaluation of other omics yields the most comprehensive individual health analysis available, which can lead to fast-tracking drug development, pre-screening clinical trial participants, identifying new drugs and repurposing existing treatments. GATC Health’s innovative technology takes healthcare from reactive to predictive—it is truly personalized medicine. For more information about GATC Health, visit http://www.GATCHealth.com.


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