DRE’s DOC Analytics™ Generates First-Ever Automated Network Meta-Analysis with Natural Language Question AI-Powered Search Results

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Doctor Evidence (DRE) has updated their newly launched DOC Analytics™ (“Digital Outcome Conversion”) platform with industry standard network meta-analysis (NMA) capabilities. DOC Analytics™ provides immediate quantitative insights into the universe of medical information using artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and natural language processing (NLP). With the addition of indirect treatment comparison and landscape analysis using NMA, DOC Analytics™ is a critical, daily-use tool for strategic functions in life sciences companies.

DOC Analytics™ empowers users to conduct analyses comprised of real-time results from clinical trials, real-world evidence (RWE), published literature, and any custom imported data to yield insightful direct meta-analysis, network-meta analysis, cohort analysis, or bespoke statistical outputs. Analyses are informed by the foundation of AI/ML technology and can be made fit-to-purpose with filters for demographics, comorbidities, sub-populations, inclusion/exclusion selections, and other relevant parameters.

As the “new normal” reality requires companies to do “more with less,” and organizations adopt distributed working models as a standard practice, technology is needed to accelerate the speed at which decisions are made. The healthcare industry is at the intersection of newly available technologies, now critically relevant for business decisions in the context of exponential growth of clinical trials, RWE, and associated publications.

“Companies that adopt the right solutions will have competitive agility to thrive in a rapidly changing world,” said DRE’s Chief Commercial Officer, Toby Sayre. “The feedback we’ve received from the market is incredibly positive – companies have been waiting for a breakthrough tool that provides this kind of methodologically rigorous quantitative synthesis in real time.”

“DOC Analytics™ is the first of its kind solution. It was built on our incredible experience base and sector knowledge. Users can generate regulatory-grade ‘in-browser’ sophisticated direct and network meta-analysis on the back of advanced AI-search results from DOC Search™. This is transformational in allowing mission-critical work functions across life science companies to receive immediate analytics, including product lifecycle management, clinical trial planning and design, therapeutic landscape surveillance, medical planning and communication, and benefit-risk analysis,” said DRE’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Battista, MBA, FRCPH, FRCP Edin. “These critical activities can be accelerated and elevated by the incorporation of the latest data, essential to everyone from R&D to Commercial departments.”

About DRE:

DRE is a market leading Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) company in the AI-enabled health technology marketplace that deploys state-of-the-art solutions to identify, synthesize, and analyze complex clinical data into actionable knowledge. DRE provides instant, continuous search and data synthesis intelligence across critical functions of Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life Sciences and Medical Technology companies to optimize their strategies that enable them to generate actionable data insights. DRE’s technology platform provides its customers with the DOC Analytics™ Insights Engine which empowers them to make better decisions from lab to patient.


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