eDecision StockSight Help Retail Investors Beat Wall Street

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Investingforbeginner–There is no doubt that reliable & intelligent investment advice could help retail investors make smarter investment decisions. StockSight is one of the series products developed by eDecision – a brand incubated by HuaMei Trading Management Limited, utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology and big data from global markets combined with self-developed quantitative investment modeling to help analyze and rank more than 25,000 stocks. StockSight applies a multi-cycle, multi-factor, multi-strategy screening model and Natural Language Processing system to capture high-frequency buy/sell signals and monitors stock market opinions worldwide. Consequently, StockSight has the advantages of easy operation, high accuracy, incredible risk control ability, and one-on-one investment consulting. All of these contribute to StockSight obtaining up to 84% historical signal accuracy.

The number of retail investors has increased these years rapidly. They already moved their investment interests from hot stocks to small-cap stocks, or even micro-cap stocks. Retail investors seem to be crazy gamblers with simple trading strategy: they will not evaluate stocks on a Fundamental Analysis but focus on whether the short-interest ratio (short interest position/share outstanding) beats the average. Massive of institutional short sellers results in a tremendous number of short positions. As long as retail investors buy the stock to lift it, institutional short sellers have to close their position as margin calls occur. As a result, institutional short sellers get their stock back with a higher price, and the short squeeze occurs, leading to higher stock prices and forcing more short sellers to close their position.

Will retail investors always win in a short squeeze most of the time? Retail investors entered the market based on possibly deceptive news and bought the stocks at the highest price but sold at a long-term or low, tearful loss. Why is it easy for retail investors to lose money? Because it’s difficult for retail investors to collect and collate valuable information on their own to predict the market; Meanwhile, the market is volatile with big swings in either direction. This is why StockSight, the efficient, accurate, and risk-controlled intelligent stock-picking tool will be a perfect investment assistant for retail investors to profit more. Utilize data intelligence to perceive the market and forecast trends and make your smarter investment decisions with the help of eDecision’s StockSight.




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