efficacyAI Signs Exclusive Software License for MedicascyAI™ a Suite of Deep Learning Algorithms Used to Predict Drug Safety and Efficacy

HARRISBURG, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–efficacyAI, Inc. announced today that it has recently signed a license agreement with the Georgia Tech Research Corporation granting it exclusive rights to the use of a suite of algorithms called MedicascyAI. This novel artificial intelligence software platform requires only the chemical structure of a small molecule as the input to make actionable high confidence predictions related to the safety and efficacy of the molecule’s use for targeted indications.

We are excited about making this new technology widely available to anyone who can benefit from it in today’s evolving drug discovery marketplace,” says CEO Tony Bellezza, “MedicascyAI provides a cost effective methodology to quickly identify molecules with high value predictions to pursue, or invest in, at the very beginning of the drug discovery or product development lifecycle. We plan to use MedicascyAI’s analytical capabilities to accelerate life-changing solutions and to transform the way pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, supplement, and cannabis companies develop their products.”

Highly confident MedicascyAI deep learning machine predictions can be used effectively by companies and investors to accelerate development timelines and to reduce the costs of their current drug discovery practices, or to repurpose or develop new nutraceutical and dietary supplement products.

About efficacyAI, Inc.

efficacyAI, Inc. is a biotechnology consulting company which uses its licensed algorithms to provide services to drug discovery companies, drug discovery investors, nutraceutical and supplement wholesalers and manufacturers, and cannabis industry stakeholders. The Company’s artificial intelligence technology is used to accelerate development timelines and reduce costs associated with new and repurposed drug discovery efforts and new and repurposed dietary ingredient product line development. The Company’s mantra is built around caring about people’s health, life, and knowledge. The Company’s administrative office is located in the greater Harrisburg, PA area and has active operations in Atlanta, GA and Kure Beach, NC. For more information, please visit www.efficacyai.com or contact us at info@efficacyai.com or 267.831.3408.


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