enaible Launches Breakthrough Capability for Predicting Workforce Productivity

New AI-Powered Productivity Score Predictor Allows Enterprise Leaders to Rally Teams and Departments Where it Matters Most

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–enaible, a leading provider of AI-powered productivity solutions, today unveiled a productivity prediction feature that empowers enterprise leaders to drive focus and positive action from their teams based on a forecast of future performance.

This new feature is built upon enaible’s AI Platform, which makes productivity visible through the world’s first comprehensive, normalized productivity score. Using an organization’s existing system data, enaible quantifies productivity at the aggregate and team level through a multi-dimensional calculation of Capacity Utilization, Consistency and Quality Impact.

The new Score Predictor extends enaible’s core capability through a Deep Learning Neural Network that takes historical data about how employees across an organization are performing in order to predict department level productivity scores for the coming week.

This Deep Neural Network learns nonlinear associations between different employees. For example, it can identify how a certain department’s quality impact score on Tuesday impacts the adherence score for other departments on Wednesday, if such a relationship exists. By identifying priority improvement areas, enaible gives corporate leaders the insights they need to intervene early where a potential drop in productivity may occur, therefore enabling organization-wide productivity growth.

enaible was founded in 2018 to give corporate leaders something they sorely lacked – a standardized means for measuring productivity. Two years later, a global pandemic that no one could have forecasted, and the widespread remote work and overall economic uncertainty it created, has elevated the company’s mission and purpose. With a platform already built for the express purpose of measuring and improving productivity, enaible has helped leading organizations through this challenging time while providing a foundation for further innovation – such as its new productivity score predictor.

“When we talk to leaders at some of the largest organizations around the globe, there are two major challenges they express the most – the first is that they want to know what their remote workforce is doing and whether or not they’re productive. Most leaders have lost the validation they once had from physically being able to see people in their cubicles and now they’re just left wondering,” said Dr. Tommy Weir, founder and CEO of enaible. “The second challenge is that people are paralyzed by the uncertainty of the virus, the economy, political change and much more. They’re just standing in the middle of the road waiting to make a decision, and if they don’t act at all they’re going to get hit twice. Our ability to provide standard measurement and now our ability to predict productivity can be an invaluable tool to help avoid that fate.”

enaible’s Score Predictor highlights priority improvement areas so companies can rally specific teams and departments and get them to achieve as much as they can. This information is especially important during difficult times, giving organizations the insight they need to improve productivity and putting them in a position to thrive.

This is the latest innovation to the enaible AI Productivity Platform following the introduction of remote work management and productivity capabilities in June. The company was also named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management: Modernizing the Workplace With AI and Video report. Most recently, enaible was named a sample vendor for employee productivity monitoring in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for the Digital Workspace, 2020.

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About enaible

enaible is the AI-powered leadership company. The company’s AI Productivity Platform continuously helps companies make the best use of their time in order to accomplish as much as possible. It uses existing system data to provide leaders with a clear, real-time understanding of how their workforce is performing and produces actionable leadership recommendations to maximize employee productivity and growth across roles, departments and tasks. Founded in 2018, enaible is headquartered in Boston. To learn more, please visit https://enaible.io.


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