Eye Tracking for AAC as Accessible as Oxygen: Cognixion® Expands Access to Its Eye Tracking Technology Through Nationwide Oxygen Supplier

Leading assistive technology provider Cognixion announces the launch of a revolutionary new AI-powered product with Lincare AAC, a division of Lincare Holdings Inc., and provider of oxygen and other respiratory therapy services to patients nationwide.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AAC–Santa Barbara, California-based neurotech company, Cognixion, announced the release of the Expression Eye™ speech generating device in conjunction with Lincare AAC. Combining the power of advanced facial recognition and eye tracking technology in the Speakprose app by Cognixion with a principled history of medical funding success at Lincare AAC, speech therapists and individuals with communication challenges now have access to an extremely affordable solution that can be funded by insurance.

The Speakprose Pro+ app allows people to quickly access expressive communication via hands-free eye-tracking and facial recognition interface controls. COVID-19 has raised awareness worldwide for the need to communicate with doctors and family when you are on respiratory therapy – a respirator or a ventilator. Cognixion and Lincare AAC are making their solution available nationwide.

According to Lucas Steuber, MA Applied Linguistics, MS CCC/SLP, Clinical Director of Product Development at Cognixion, “Access to this level of technology has historically been limited due to high out-of-pocket cost, personal insurance limitations, and state funding restrictions. Partnering with Lincare AAC provides immediate funding support in 48 states – this makes our mission even more achievable – aiming to unlock speech for hundreds of millions of people worldwide affected by communication disabilities.”

Cognixion has been focused on bringing AI-powered solutions to the public to pursue the acceleration and enrichment of human communication and connection. In addition to hands-free access, Cognixion also offers the Speakprose Pro version, providing quick access to expressive phrases and a conversational interface through easy to use gestures, swipes, and taps, including accessible predictive keyboards, sentence building tiles, and stored phrases.

Cognixion is also working with several medical facilities to increase access to expressive communication for intubated and ventilated patients related to COVID-19 using the Speakprose Pro+ version of the app – allowing them to express personal messages, important medical concerns, and advanced directives using their eyes and facial expressions to select phrases that are spoken aloud.

Both the Speakprose Pro and Speakprose Pro+ versions of the app are available through the Expression Eye tablet series. Offered in a variety of sizes, these augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices present the user with several communication options, enhanced effectiveness via wearable Bluetooth speakers, and long-term durability within a protective case. Providing this medical device with eye-tracking technology through Lincare AAC enables people with speech and motor-function disabilities nationwide across 48 states in the United States of America as well as worldwide where the US Armed Forces are located, to quickly acquire a device in order to connect and interact with the world. Find out more www.cognixion.com/expression.

Cognixion has been ranked in the top 10 on CB Insights “21 Neurotech Startups to Watch” and CIO Review wrote “Cognixion: Giving AI-Superpowers to Humans with Disabilities”.

Cognixion is a mission-driven company, aiming to unlock communication and environmental controls for hundreds of millions of people worldwide affected by communication and physical disabilities. By providing affordable and accessible technologies that are powered by AI (artificial intelligence), the world will look and feel very different in the next decade. Contact us at hello@cognixion.com.

About Expression Eye powered by Speakprose™

An 11” Speech Generating Device (AAC) tablet that is lightest, most durable in the industry, and comes with integrated Facial Recognition and Eye Tracking technology for hands-free use that works equally well in bright outdoor sunlight as dim indoor lighting, and is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. No extra cameras required.



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