Facteus Launches Updated and Enhanced U.S. Consumer Transaction Data Panel

Updates include the addition of more cards, improved demographic distribution, and launch of SKU-Level details for CPG products

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Facteus, a leading provider of actionable insights from alternative financial data, today announced it has launched an updated version of its U.S. Consumer Payments transaction data set. Within this new release is the addition of new cards and improved demographic distribution within the summary version of the product, as well as the launch of a new SKU-Level data set with insights into hundreds of Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) products.

The addition of millions of new cards significantly improves the demographic distribution in the panel, specifically for age and income level. It also includes alternative debit cards with high levels of stimulus related expenditures, providing unique insight into sales growth for retail and other industries that are not captured in other data sets. Finally, with the launch of the CPG product, cash and card transactions are now included in this new SKU-level data set.

“Through Facteus’ direct relationship with financial institutions and payments companies, we are consistently growing not only the volume of cards and transactions, but also the variety of payment types available within our U.S. Consumer Payments data panel,” said Chris Marsh, CEO of Facteus. “The enhancements made to this release not only improve the demographic and geographic distribution of the data, but also the predictive nature and correlation to company or industry performance KPIs. Given the volatility in consumer spending patterns resulting from the COVID pandemic, this updated data panel provides timely, near real-time insights into the consumer spending economy not available anywhere else.”

U.S. Consumer Payments provides a vital view into consumer spending, resulting in enhanced forecasting performance and business modeling. The new summary version now includes over 20 million cards, the most balanced distribution of age, income level and geographic coverage, a daily feed with a 4-day or less lag, and weekly visualized ticker reports with full data downloads.

US Consumer Payments – CPG

This new transaction data panel is focused on the purchasing trends of consumer-packaged goods typically sold at convenience stores and neighborhood bodegas. The panel consists of row-level card and cash payment transactions from over 9,000 stores across the U.S. on products such as alcohol, soda, candy, snacks, tobacco, bakery goods and frozen foods. The transactions from these inner-city stores provide details on consumer spending behaviors within urban markets, which are often early indicators of crucial shifts in mainstream trends.

It captures over $1.5B of annual consumer spend from hundreds of products across various consumer packaged goods categories. Each transaction is mapped to over 70 companies and approximately 30 different stock tickers – providing quantitative and quantamental investors and analysts with granular, row-level detail on spending trends at the product and geographic level. Examples of the companies and tickers available within this CPG panel include Anheuser-Busch, Bimbo Bakeries, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Coors, Frito-Lay, Hershey, Imperial Brands, Hostess, Kellogg, Keurig Dr. Pepper, Lipton, Nestle, Pepsi, Twinkie, R.J. Reynolds and Tropicana.

Business and investment analysts using Facteus data can gain granular insight into consumer spending and business impact at the industry level (retail, entertainment, hospitality, etc.) or at the specific company level. The transactional data offers a comprehensive, real-time perspective into evolving customer behaviors, such as where consumers are shopping, how much they are spending at specific merchants, and through which point of sale (in-person or online). This granular view can provide investors and analysts an informational edge when making investment decisions, sizing markets, or developing new products.

About Facteus

Facteus is a leading provider of actionable insights from alternative financial data. Through its innovative synthetic data process, Facteus safely transforms raw financial transaction data from legacy technologies into actionable information, which can be used for machine learning, artificial intelligence, data monetization, and other strategic use cases, without compromising data privacy. The company’s data products have been gathered directly from over 1,000 financial institutions, payment companies, fintechs, and payment card programs, giving business and investment executives access to the “truth” of actual consumer financial transactions, not just general trends. To learn more, visit www.facteus.com.


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