FarmCommand® is Now Available Across All ISOBUS-Enabled Monitors

Growers and Agricultural Professionals Can Leverage FarmCommand® In-Cab Intelligence Directly on Equipment Monitors to Optimize Fieldwork While Minimizing Risks

LINCOLN, Neb. & WINNIPEG, Manitoba–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AgTechFarmers Edge™, a global leader in digital agriculture, today announced FarmCommand® Universal Terminal (UT), a simple and entirely new way for growers, equipment dealers, and retail service providers to lower costs, reduce risks, and gain efficiencies. FarmCommand, the company’s comprehensive digital platform, now automatically connects via the Universal Terminal of farm equipment, keeping the cab free from clutter, reducing costs for mixed-fleets, and dramatically expanding on existing app-based options. By providing plug and play access in the cab without the need for a separate mobile device, Farmers Edge is increasing access to digital farming technologies, at a time when the stability of the agricultural supply chain has never been more critical.

FarmCommand UT brings unparalleled operational insights into every connected tractor, sprayer, and harvester, regardless of the make, model, or age. Many retail and custom application operations are struggling to afford the immense expenses related to buying new displays; FarmCommand UT now solves those issues, at a small fraction of the costs of alternatives.

Farmers Edge CanPlug™, a powerful ISOBUS and data transfer telematics electronic control unit, connects directly with the CAN bus system in equipment to enable passive data collection and remote monitoring across an entire fleet. CanPlug streams real-time equipment data, along with planting, spraying, fertilizer applications, harvest, and field maintenance data to FarmCommand UT in a consistent format. FarmCommand UT loads automatically on cab monitors and displays scheduled, planned, and active jobs; machine diagnostic and operational data; site-specific and regional weather conditions; and field data, eliminating the need to boot up a separate application or sync to a device via Bluetooth. Users can customize the layout of the FarmCommand tools on the monitor of their equipment, moving data fields to their preferred position across all the panels.

“Overcoming the digital divide is a major milestone for the industry, and Farmers Edge is truly excited to be making this possible by leveraging the Universal Terminal across all mixed-fleet ISOBUS-enabled displays on farm equipment to provide unsurpassed connectivity,” said Ron Osborne, chief product and strategy officer at Farmers Edge. “Now, growers, dealers, custom applicators, and retailers have access to critical data directly from equipment to prevent costly mistakes, like spraying the wrong field or using the wrong prescription that can incur massive losses and financial liability. In an increasingly competitive market, agricultural businesses will be better positioned to create value-added services for their customers and more readily shift to the service-driven business model of the future.”

The UT release enhances the FarmCommand experience for all users and channel partners. It is particularly supplementary to Smart Cab™, the company’s new fleet management solution. Smart Cab enables remote connectivity through CanPlug, syncing all field activities, machines, operators, and trusted advisors to a unified view. Smart Cab is competitively priced per unit, allowing users to purchase as many CanPlug devices as they need to connect their fleet. Providing users with single interface control of all the decision-support tools they need in the cab eliminates device fatigue, reduces costs, and streamlines all activities.

Farmers Edge is continuing to expand the FarmCommand platform and integrate key tools to support decision-making. By fall, FarmCommand UT will include push notifications and alerts, instant job creation and detection, field border creations, integrated cash bid and market data, along with live profits by field, zone, and jobs. This level of integration across every device—web, app, and UT—is the first of its kind in agriculture, forging new opportunities for enhanced connectivity across the entire digital agricultural ecosystem.


FarmCommand UT is available now at no additional cost to existing Farmers Edge customers and partners. Contact your local representative for more details. New users can request a demo by visiting

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