Fortune 500 Medical Services Provider Partners with Quantzig to Optimize Decisions and Develop Insights for Value Assessments Using RWE Analytics

  • Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics solutions offered actionable insights that helped discover trends in treatment pathways
  • Leveraging innovative technologies and analytics to extract, analyze, and visualize data helped solve 80% of the client’s challenges
  • Proprietary solutions and real-world evidence platforms helped advance standards for the use of transparent, replicable real-world evidence in health tech assessment

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#RWE–Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its real world evidence analytics engagement.

Our analytics skills combined with technological prowess can help you identify the right development paths- those that deliver maximum value with the optimal balance of risk, speed, and efficiency,” says a real world evidence analytics expert at Quantzig.

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The dynamism in the healthcare market has prompted business leaders and key decision-makers to understand the changing requirements and regulatory policies in this sector. As such, healthcare organizations are now looking to leverage advanced analytics to interpret data from patient records, clinical trials, and treatment outcomes to gain a better understanding of disease progression patterns, resource usage, treatment pathways, and the factors that determine the outcome.

Real World Evidence Analytics Engagement Summary

The client- a leading healthcare industry player based out of the United States, approached Quantzig looking to leverage RWE analytics to improve the clinical development planning process and develop insights for value assessments of treatments.

To help the client tackle their challenges, we adopted a comprehensive three-pronged approach that revolved around the use of real-world analytics, text mining, clinical trial analysis, and real-world data modeling to deliver measurable results.

Phase 1 – Data acquisition and integration

Phase 2 – Treatment pathway analysis

Phase 3 – Data dashboarding and reporting

Quantzig is at the forefront of enabling data-driven decision making for healthcare and life sciences companies to optimize outcomes. Speak to our experts to learn more about our capabilities.

Value Delivered

  • Analyzed treatment patterns and their outcomes
  • Developed a real-world strategy to optimize healthcare outcomes
  • Categorized patient cohorts based on drug usage and treatment pathways

We offer cutting-edge real-world evidence analytics solutions to help healthcare organizations improve commercial success using real world insights. Collaborating with us can help you make the most of the data at hand by applying advanced data modeling techniques and solutions designed and custom-built to suit your needs. Book a FREE Demo to learn more about our proprietary analytics platforms and real-world data analytics capabilities.

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