Delivers Lower Costs and Price Transparency to the Pharmacy Marketplace

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, the disruptive pioneer in “Cost Conscious Care®”, is driving lower prescription medication pricing and cost transparency in the pharmacy arena with the introduction of their “Find Your Savings” medication cost reduction tool – located at

“Cost Conscious Care®, is a practice that optimizes and minimizes any and all costs that are not essential to achieving a patient’s desired outcome. It begins with an exclusive and proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) acquisition system that manages the procurement of only the highest quality medications from FDA licensed and approved sources on a real-time basis at an optimized cost. Middlemen and broker fees are both common and substantial in this industry but have been eliminated in this case,” says Fonea Lam – COO of is guided by Silicon Valley veterans with multi-billion-dollar global supply chain experience.

Since operates solely as an online pharmacy, we eliminate the expense of middlemen, brick and mortar and retail staff. Lam summarizes that “Our proprietary, exclusive, leading edge, cost-effective supply chain and direct distribution model are seamlessly integrated to create a direct-to-consumer channel that dramatically lowers the cost of the highest quality medications to our customers.” Lam adds, “Our unique supply chain model allows us to offer the absolute lowest pricing in the marketplace, and we guarantee it!”

The “Find Your Savings” tool allows customers to instantly compare GetMyRefill’ FDA approved medication pricing against retail market leader pricing to present the consumer with the guaranteed lowest prescription price available in the US Marketplace.

Traditionally, prescription medication pricing has not been transparent to the consumer. A GoodRx study shows that one third of Americans say they have skipped filling a prescription one or more times due to cost*. While both the HHS and the FDA are taking steps to ensure that Americans are getting the lowest price possible for their prescription drugs, may have already solved the high cost of prescription medication through marketplace competition.

“In this era of viral awareness, many prefer the safety and time savings of home delivery. People are re-thinking the drive to the pharmacy,” says Tim Ransom, CMO, Ransom concludes by saying, “We meet and exceed all National Association of Pharmacy standards for transportation, storage and delivery of medications. Currently we are serving customers within the state of California with plans to expand into other states later this year.”

About is the price disruptor in the pharmacy category. We make medication affordable, providing guaranteed lowest pricing on FDA approved medications delivered to your door. All prescriptions are fulfilled by California licensed pharmacists.

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