How Customer Segmentation Helped a Fast-Food Chain Achieve a Two-Fold Increase in MROI Within a Span of 4-Weeks | a Success Story by Quantzig

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Quantzig–Despite the weakening global economy and the growing awareness of health risks, the fast-food industry has managed to flourish. Factors like globalization and urbanization have also had a huge impact on the lifestyle and food consumption patterns of consumers. Moreover, a rise in population and subsequent urbanization are important factors that have significantly impacted market growth in the food services sector. To tackle these challenges, businesses in this sector are leveraging data-backed analytics solutions that drive positive outcomes.

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Quantzig recently collaborated with a US-based fast-food chain that was looking to gain a detailed understanding of the different consumer personas to ramp up their marketing initiatives. Apart from offering in-depth solution insights, this success story also sheds light on how Quantzig helped the client analyze the underlying factors influencing the client’s market growth.

Customer segmentation is poised to play a pivotal role in today’s highly competitive fast-food sector

Over the years, customer analytics has played an active role in encouraging businesses to include customer segmentation as part of an effective marketing strategy. Customer segmentation has also helped leading businesses to identify the differences between customers with respect to food quality, menu variety, price, atmosphere, and convenience. Hence, its evident why customer segmentation is now gaining popularity globally. Quantzig is at the forefront of enabling foodservice providers innovative, facilitating better outcomes and business reach. Contact us to learn more about our customer analytics capabilities.

Engagement Overview

The inability to segment the customers and identify personas prompted a leading US-based fast food services providers to leverage customer segmentation analytics. To do so, the client approached Quantzig to understand better the importance of customer segmentation in analyzing consumer behavior and preferences with regards to their offerings. Quantzig’s team of advanced customer analytics experts comprising of 550+ customer analytics experts and data science professionals offered customized solutions to help prioritize their product development initiatives with the corresponding roadmaps that were developed based on the approved customer segments. Analyzing the segments, in turn, helped the client to understand customer behavior with respect to their offerings, enabling them to develop personalized marketing strategies for each target market.

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Business Outcome

Quantzig helped the client exceed their targets by nearly 3X – garnering a two-fold increase in MROI in the initial phase of this engagement. Moreover, the results had a positive impact on the overall business outcome of the client, helping them distinguish customer segments based on their interests and preferences.

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