Humana Healthy Horizons™ in Kentucky Selects Vida Health for Virtual Diabetes Management

Vida’s best-in-class virtual care platform is now available to Kentucky’s Medicaid diabetes population.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Humana Healthy Horizons™ in Kentucky selected Vida Health’s virtual diabetes management program to serve Kentucky’s Medicaid population.

The new partnership, which will launch in January of 2021, allows eligible individuals access to Vida’s group diabetes coaching, in-app peer group support, digital therapeutics for diabetes and co-occurring chronic conditions, and more to help them manage their diabetes and their whole health.

“Humana has a long history in Kentucky of finding innovative ways to provide high-quality care for those we serve,” said Jeb Duke, Regional Vice President at Humana, Executive Director Kentucky Medicaid. “With Vida’s virtual diabetes management program, we’re expanding our virtual support services for the community and offering a new, modern way for our members to receive best-in-class, evidence-based care.”

Kentucky has the seventh highest prevalence of diabetes of any state with 13.7% of the adult population reporting having the disease, well above the U.S. average of 10.9%. The percent of Kentuckians with diabetes has more than doubled since 2000 when only 6.5% of the population reported having been diagnosed. Additionally, about two thirds of adult Kentuckians are considered overweight or obese which increases the risk of Type II Diabetes among other chronic illnesses.

Vida’s diabetes management program achieves lasting results for participants. Because chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension often occur simultaneously, Vida’s unique program was built from the ground up to treat multiple conditions at the same time.

The mobile-first experience is uniquely personalized to each user through a combination of provider expertise and machine learning algorithms that utilize data from 100+ app and device integrations, as well as biometric data, and more to personalize the program and content. The program addresses the root causes behind an individual’s diabetes, and, using the power of human connection, psychology, and nutritional expertise, Vida drives long-term behaviors that shift the course of the disease.

“Historically, the U.S. healthcare industry has not focused enough on innovation that supports underserved populations,” said Veeneta Lakhani, SVP Health Services for Vida Health. “Vida is proud to partner with Humana to provide a mobile-first solution for the Kentucky Medicaid population. We’re excited for the opportunity to decrease the burden of the disease and ultimately to help Kentuckians live healthier, fuller lives.”

About Vida Health

Vida Health is a leading virtual care platform that was designed from the ground up to treat multiple chronic health conditions simultaneously, through a balance of machine learning that personalizes each person’s treatment and a human connection with real life health coaches and therapists who bring the empathy and accountability people need to reach their goals. Vida Health’s services are delivered through a mobile platform that supports individuals in preventing, managing and reversing chronic conditions such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, anxiety, etc. The platform integrates deep individual expert care with data-driven technology and remote monitoring to deliver best-in-class health outcomes and cost savings to employers and health plans. To-date, some of the largest nationwide health plans and employers have benefited from Vida’s unique offering.

About Humana Healthy Horizons

In 2020, Humana launched its new Medicaid brand, Humana Healthy Horizons™. With this new brand, we are committed to continue demonstrating our strong ability to manage complex populations and create solutions that lead to a better quality of life for our members. Nationally, we serve Medicaid enrollees through Medicaid Managed Care (MMC), Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) programs, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Financial Alignment Initiative Dual Demonstrations, MA, D‐SNPs, and PDPs.

Humana has served Medicaid populations continuously for more than two decades and currently manages Medicaid benefits for nearly 800,000 members nationally. We have developed expertise providing care management, care planning, and specialized clinical management for the complex needs of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP); Medicaid Expansion; aged, blind, or disabled (ABD); and dual eligible populations within a social supports‐based framework. Through these years of experience, we have also developed significant expertise in integrating physical health, behavioral health, pharmacy, and social services and supports for a whole-person centered approach to improve the health and well‐being of our members and the communities we serve.

Humana Healthy Horizons is a Medicaid Product of Humana Health Plan, Inc.


Connor Jones