IBD Founder William J. O’Neil Receives Lifetime Achievement Award From Benzinga for Outstanding Contributions to Investing Community

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), a leading financial news and research organization, today announced that its founder, legendary investor William J. O’Neil, is the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award as part of Benzinga’s sixth annual Global Fintech Awards.

“We are thrilled that Benzinga chose to recognize Bill O’Neil with its 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award so that the world can learn more about all that he has given to the investing community,” said Jerry Ferrara, president of IBD. “His pioneering spirit, combined with his commitment to education and ability to filter out any outside noise to focus on data and where the data leads, continues to drive IBD today.”

O’Neil has been contributing to the investment community since bursting onto the scene in 1958. As a Financial Advisor with Hayden, Stone & Company, he developed his own data-driven approach using the first-ever computerized stock database in the study of successful stocks based on historical precedent. Using this information, he made three back-to-back winning trades that turned a few thousand dollars into more than $200,000 in profit in just about a year. With these funds, Mr. O’Neil purchased a seat on the New York Stock Exchange at the age of 30, one of the youngest people in history to do so.

He went on to pioneer and refine the use of computers and analytics, even before Wall Street, to collect and construct data to analyze equities in tandem with fundamental and technical analysis. He even set up one of the first mainframe computers in the Vatican. Using the trove of big data and analytics and leveraging advanced computer technologies, Mr. O’Neil developed the award-winning CAN SLIM investing strategy to generate money for those who learn how to use it through his books, an early television show focused on investing, as well as through IBD. He has long provided innovative means, incorporating data science, for investors to get the data they need to make smart decisions at just the right time. Not only have Mr. O’Neil’s contributions helped many of the world’s biggest money managers, small and mid-sized investment firms, hedge funds and mutual funds become more successful, he has also enabled super savvy individual investors to power their returns even further. On top of this, he has allowed individuals just starting out to understand the markets, making something quite complex far less intimidating for novices.

“It is incredibly rewarding to see how my father’s accomplishments have impacted the lives of millions of investors around the world, and how his work continues to guide people’s investment decisions,” said W. Scott O’Neil, Chief Executive Officer of Data Analysis Incorporated (DAI), the holding company for the O’Neil family of businesses. “He knew back in the 1960’s that analyzing data in a purely unbiased manner would lead to superior stock returns. Five decades before analytics became what it is today, my father created a data analytics company for the financial industry. He was a trailblazer, and his work changed the industry. He is thrilled about this recognition from Benzinga.”

Now in its sixth year, the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards represent the companies and individuals who are building the future of financial services and capital markets. From deeply established companies to the newest startups, this group impacts sectors like payments, banking, investing, technology and financial literacy.

In addition to Mr. O’Neil’s award, IBD won for Best Financial Research Company. Additionally, IBD Live and Leaderboard were named as Listmakers for Best New Product and Best Financial Research Investment Technology respectively.

To see all the Benzinga Listmakers go to https://fintechawards.com/listmakers.

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