Idelic Integrates FMCSA BASICs, Reducing Crashes Through Data Visualization

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Idelic, a leader in trucking and transportation safety solutions, announced its incorporation of FMCSA BASICs data standard to all customers into their driver management platform, the Idelic Safety Suite. Through this integration, Idelic customers can now access extensive information about their fleet’s BASICs percentiles as soon as they’re released by the FMCSA. This includes an overview of a fleet’s current percentiles, changes over time, and how individual drivers have contributed to their overall percentiles status.

Idelic Founder and Co-CEO, Hayden Cardiff, explained, “Gaining a 360-degree view of a driver’s behavior and risk is critical to allowing fleets to be proactive in preventing crashes. Safety Suite accomplishes this by incorporating the most robust and predictive driver data sets into our machine learning models. These now include an automated feed from the FMCSA portal, which further completes this picture.”

With this feature, Safety Suite has cemented itself as the most comprehensive driver management and monitoring solution in the industry. What makes this integration different from any other BASICs solutions is that Safety Suite integrates with all third-party and internal systems. Gone are the days of logging into multiple government and technology vendors’ portals to see data that should be easy to view. With Safety Suite’s new BASICs Monitor, fleets can quickly view their overall performance, drill into individual drivers’ past violations, and compare that data with each driver’s overall risk profile. The Idelic Driver Risk Score and the BASICs data from this integration are complementary and can only be found together in one place – Safety Suite.

Additionally, the new FMCSA BASICs Monitor displays a fleet’s percentiles in a way that is both intuitive and visually appealing, enabling a full understanding of your data that only Safety Suite can deliver.

Idelic’s mission is to bring every driver home safe each night. With this new feature improving fleet operations and efficiency, Idelic is better able to make good on this promise to their customers.

About Idelic

Idelic helps transportation fleets save time, money, and lives. The Idelic Safety Suite is the most comprehensive driver management platform in the transportation industry, integrating all fleet data systems into one single data management platform, giving fleets unparalleled visibility into their drivers’ behavior and safety operations. With an industry-leading Driver Watch List that utilizes advanced, proprietary Machine Learning (ML) technology, the Idelic Safety Suite helps fleets prevent crashes, reduce turnover, and lower insurance costs. For more information about Idelic and the Idelic Safety Suite, call toll free at (877) 4-IDELIC or visit


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