IDG and CSO Online to Host Webinar on Software Supply Chain Threats with GrammaTech and Renowned Financial Services CSO Jim Routh

Panelists will Discuss Risk-based Management Approach that Organizations can Implement to Proactively Reduce the Attack Surface of Commercial Software Applications

BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AppSecGrammaTech, a leading provider of application security testing products and software research services, today announced CSO Magazine will host a free webinar on October 14, 2021, entitled Software Supply Chain Exploits Are Exploding – How CISOs Can Proactively Prevent Threats and Reduce Risk featuring Jim Routh, former CISO and CSO at MassMutual, Aetna and CVSHealth.


Jim Routh is a recognized cyber security innovator and industry leader with expertise in digital transformation and using data science as a foundation for unconventional cyber security controls and enterprise resilience. Mr. Routh has served  as both a CSO and CISO for some of the most recognized organizations in the US including MassMutual, CVS Health, Aetna, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG and American Express. 


Vince Arneja, Chief Product Officer, GrammaTech has over 20 years of experience in technical product management, focusing on application, cloud, mobile, endpoint and network security. He was responsible for several product strategies that lead to successful exits, including 5nine (acquired by Acronis), Sigaba (acquired by Proofpoint), OPAQ (acquired by Fortinet) and Arxan (then acquired by TA Associates and recently by



Moderator: Stan Gibson, CSO Online



Corporate software supply chains are increasingly under attack from threats that can evade reactive security measures such as antivirus, firewalls, etc., since they target vulnerable applications that support various business functions and are trusted. In this session Jim Routh, former CISO and CSO at MassMutual, Aetna and CVSHealth, will discuss a risk-based management approach that can proactively reduce a company’s exposure to software supply chain threats. Attendees will learn:


  • Why vulnerable components in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software applications can create unknown and unprotected attack vectors
  • The shortcomings of traditional security measures to protect against these threats
  • How to implement a risk-based management approach to reduce the attack surface in COTS applications



October 14, 2021 at 11 AM EST




This webinar is accessible online with confirmed registration.




To register, visit To schedule a conversation with Vince Arneja, contact Marc Gendron at or +1 617.877.7480. 

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