Infoworks Unveils New DataFoundry Test Drive

EDO2 leader offers free Early Access Program for DataFoundry Test Drive at Spark + AI Summit

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, the leader in Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) systems, today announced availability of DataFoundry Test Drive – a free, hosted offering designed for users to experience how DataFoundry’s intelligent automation enables rapid and easy implementation and deployment of complex analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning use cases in a guided interactive environment. The development is timed with the Spark + AI Summit organized by Databricks, a premier Infoworks partner, where Infoworks technology leads have presented on automating enterprise data projects and the company is staffing a virtual booth here:

Infoworks DataFoundry is a comprehensive and highly-automated system that provides enterprises with a robust and scalable data operations and orchestration foundation for digital transformation. DataFoundry delivers on the must-have requirements of analytics agility and scale for businesses to harness the power of their data. Through automation, complete solution integration and abstraction away from the complexities of the underlying infrastructure, DataFoundry has established the data foundations for some of the world’s largest enterprises.

“Infoworks DataFoundry has transformed how enterprises onboard data to cloud data platforms and achieve the analytics agility and scale needed to deliver on the promise of digital transformation,” said Amar Arsikere, founder, chief product officer and CTO at Infoworks. “For the first time, we’re making it possible for innovative data engineers, data scientists, data analysts and even business users to explore and experience the power of our differentiated, best-in-class offering for free. We welcome those interested to a new paradigm in data onboarding, preparation and operationalization.”

Within DataFoundry Test Drive, an interactive guide provides step-by-step guidance on a journey to build out a complete use case for onboarding, preparing and operationalizing data and analytics. Completing a use case with the interactive guide will prepare Test Drive users to further explore DataFoundry’s powerful capabilities.

As DataFoundry Test Drive users build out a complete analytics use case they will:

  • Onboard data

    • Crawl and ingest source data
    • Set up incremental synchronization and merging of change data capture (CDC) records
    • Establish governance to auto-catalog metadata while keeping track of data lineage, history, and metrics
  • Prepare data

    • Transform data while building incrementally-updated optimized data pipelines
    • Build optimized data models for analytics
  • Operationalize data

    • Orchestrate and deploy data pipelines with automated management of fault-tolerant analytic workflows.
    • Export data models to target platforms in a multi-cloud environment
  • Visualize data and generate reports

DataFoundry Test Drive Early Access Program

Infoworks is offering an early access program for the DataFoundry Test Drive at the Spark+ AI Summit this week. The company is encouraging early adopter data professionals and business users to explore the power of DataFoundry while being instrumental in providing critical feedback to Infoworks’ product team. To be one of the first to experience DataFoundry Test Drive go to:


The Spark + AI Summit feature keynotes by industry thought leaders, including an interactive presentation from Infoworks on how data engineers, data scientists and data analysts can use Infoworks DataFoundry with Databricks to solve some of the world’s toughest data and analytics problems. Business and technical staff challenged with onboarding to the cloud are welcomed to register for 1-to-1 meetings with Infoworks here:

Case study presentation/demo: Make the Most of Your Talent and Time When Working on AI and ML Projects – Automate the Rest

Virtual Booth:
Description: In this session we’ll discuss how you can automate the manually intensive and time-consuming work of onboarding and preparing your data; enabling you to focus your talent and time on making the best use of AI and ML to further your business’ goals.

Presenters: Infoworks’ Ramesh Menon, Vice President, Product, and Kevin Holder, Vice President and Head of Solution Architecture and Field Engineering

Infoworks offers a highly optimized natively-integrated solution for customers that wish to onboard, prepare and operationalize data in Databricks Cloud environments. Infoworks DataFoundry enables data engineers, data scientists and data analysts to focus talent on solving problems while offloading manually intensive tasks to the highly automated, intuitive, drag-and-drop DataFoundry system. For additional information, please see:

Keep informed of Infoworks developments here:

About Infoworks

Infoworks offers the most comprehensive and automated Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) system. It is the only EDO2 system built to automate and accelerate deployment and orchestration of analytics projects at scale, in cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud, and premise-based environments. Through deep automation and a code-free environment, Infoworks empowers organizations to rapidly consolidate and organize enterprise data, create analytics workflows and deploy projects to production within days – dramatically increasing business agility and accelerating time-to-value. Infoworks counts some of the world’s largest financial, retail, technology, healthcare, oil & gas, and manufacturing companies as its customers. To learn more, please visit


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