Lensa Is Paving the Way for Hiring Process in Digital Era With Workstyle Games

WEST CHESTER, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The digital era is definitely here. We are surrounded by great feats of modernisation and practically every aspect of our lives has been impacted in its own way. Even, as it turns out, our careers.

Some businesses have struggled with this digitisation, whereas others have taken this realisation and run with it, effectively and successfully creating a more convenient, efficient, and inclusive foundation for their business to move forward successfully into the digital era and beyond. Lensa is a company that is leading the charge in this way. With its emerging workstyle game that is created utilising artificial intelligence and tech gamification, Lensa is breaking down barriers and creating an entirely new way for businesses to navigate the hiring process that is more effective and more sufficient across the board.

The hiring process is being revolutionised by taking the online job search platform to a whole new level through the incorporation of innovations like using AI frameworks. to predict an applicant’s career path and using a distinct tech-driven gamification process to encourage and empower job seekers to take control of their career trajectory from the onset. For businesses, this platform offers efficient navigation of the hiring process and increases the likelihood of having hired the right person for the job.

With ten million members around the globe, Lensa is already proving its value tenfold and in the process, it continues to draw fresh waves of interest and investment around the globe. Lensa’s workstyle game is all about paving the way for the hiring process in the digital era and establishing the new standards for both businesses and job seekers alike. The future of business is definitively digitally driven. Lensa not only recognises and acknowledges that but takes the realisation upon itself to be a leading force to be reckoned with in how the hiring process should function and thrive from all sides, now and into the digital era and beyond.


Stefan Repin

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