Lucd Jedai™ Announces Avicenna Modeling Framework to Combat COVID-19

Lucd JedAI releases agent-based model, Avicenna, unmasks the disease spread and provides actionable business data for predicting future impacts of COVID-19 on resources, supplies, demand,…

NASHVILLE, Tenn. and PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lucd, a provider of an end to end Enterprise AI Platform, today announced it has developed its newest agent-based model Avicenna, to combat the unknowns of COVID-19 and to help organizations who are not fully prepared for the impact of today’s crisis. Lucd’s powerful AI software as a service will enable organizations to use Avicenna’s predictive disease spread modeling to forecast future challenges and accelerate efforts in fighting the pandemic and in mitigating its effects.

Researchers are racing to attenuate the ramifications of the virus on all aspects of human life.

Avicenna handles complex and disparate data inputs and constructs to provide predictions that can be assessed for future times for a specific area or location of interest. Leveraging Big Data, distributed computing and deep learning capabilities within the Lucd AI platform, Avicenna also has the capability to provide insight for planning product releases, making market entry decisions, minimizing staffing challenges, performing financial projections, foreseeing potential supply chain disruptions, and much more. Prediction results as high as 99.5% accuracy have been achieved.

Lucd’s CTO and co-founder, David W. Bauer Jr., Ph.D., is an expert in agent-based modeling, discrete event simulation and massive parallel processing required to realize results such as Avicenna capabilities. His previous work includes pandemic modeling for the US Government since 2007. We are proud that our infectious disease models will assist in planning and preparedness. Lucd JedAI allows us to unmask the disease and its spread while predicting its impact. Avicenna is able to adjust as variables change and is transferable so that businesses can use it for simulating other industry challenges. With Lucd, businesses would be able to continue their AI efforts through this pandemic

The new AI model, Avicenna, is available via free download as part of the Lucd JedAI™ client in Steam. Lucd is making this capability available so that researchers can easily generate faster insights. The Lucd client provides an immersive easy to use user experience that facilitates a collaborative approach to Visual Analytics, Exploratory Data Analysis, and AI Modeling.

“I’m excited about our new advanced modeling and simulation capability. Avicenna provides new insights for disease risk vectors, supply chain disruptions and workforce planning. We are thrilled to be showcasing Avicenna in our client and applying this revolutionary technology to an even broader set of challenges in these trying times,” said John Leschorn, Lucd COO.

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