Meet Revv, the Partner Who Keeps Your Document Safe

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#businessdocuments–Revv envisions to disrupt the document management world by providing an all-in-one solution that eliminates file cabinets, document chaos, and more. Revv is the wingman for every passionate entrepreneur who puts everything on the line to realize their dreams, and supports them in running their business, one document at a time.

Better way to handle business documents

Revv delivers on the promise of being a singular tool that handles all business paperwork, intelligently. All the way from creating a document, bringing in data from other business apps, sharing with teammates or customers for reviews, getting a sign-off, and finally storing documents centrally; everything is packed into one solution. The intelligence layer makes comprehension and analysis of existing documents both easier and faster. Just as any wingman, Revv watches out for threats and risks that the fine print brings along for any business.

“As entrepreneurs, we know the multiple hats an entrepreneur needs to wear every day. One day I’m a Lawyer, another day a Hiring Manager, Recruiter, Tax Expert, Accountant, Salesman, Marketing Executive, or Facilities Manager! I’m not an expert in everything, and I wish I had a trusted partner to help us survive the messy paperwork. This is why Revv came into being,” says Sameer Goel, co-founder.

Revv is truly an all-in-one document management solution with hundreds of simple, vetted templates, pre-formatted for convenience. Users can use professionally designed templates and share securely with stakeholders, both internal and external, for suggestions and reviews. One can also add notes, chat with collaborators, or even upload supporting documents via the attachment feature. Revv also allows adding workflows to documents to further ease collaboration.

With Revv, one can connect to business apps such as Google Sheets using the native integrations or via Zapier to bring in the requisite data. Once the document has been shared, tracking works in the background, allowing users to keep an eye on the activity status of the shared document. Users can then receive consent to close documents with either a soft-sign or by using the built-in e-signature. With Revv, there is no need to manage another app for storing and organizing documents or even for filing documents securely in folders.

Rishi Kulkarni, co-founder further adds, “At our startup, my co-founder and I were frustrated by multiple tools and required many experts’ help for documents like proposals, service agreements, offer letters, eSignatures, T&Cs. ‘I love paperwork,’ no one said ever. We spent a year building a data science team and dataset to simplify the day to day life of every business owner on the planet. Our ML/AI experience makes business documents intuitive and fun.”

When it comes to business documents, speed and consistency are paramount. Revv’s underlying intelligence layer is the real muscle especially with features such as Meta Lens. It uses extensive high-quality data to highlight clauses and terms that deviate from the standard in uploaded documents. The meta tags automatically classify contract clauses and extract information for follow-up actions. Revv truly promises to do away with a bunch of tools and dependency on experts to complete day to day business documents.

The company recently underwent a rebranding in response to accelerated company growth and renewal of its corporate vision. Revv’s journey has been fascinating and instructive to entrepreneurs and founders of all types. It augments the document management process and lets entrepreneurs focus on what they love doing best, i.e., their customer experience and innovation.

About Revv:

Backed by Lightspeed, Matrix Partners, and Arka Ventures, Revv was founded by Freshworks alumni Rishi Kulkarni and Sameer Goel in 2018. With operations in Silicon Valley and Bangalore, India, Revv is designed as a document management system for entrepreneurs. As of now, Revv has more than 2000+ businesses trusting the platform and is poised for even greater growth in the future by including features like attaching supporting media/doc files, multi-language support, bulk creation of documents, and even user groups.


Name: Aditi Biswas