Metaform Awarded U.S. Patent for Healthcare Data Fabric

Innovation Overcomes the Inefficiencies of Traditional Data Integration Approaches and Analytical Architectures Utilized in Healthcare

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Metaform, an invention studio, today announced that it had been awarded U.S. Patent No. 10,572,481 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) covering the principles underlying its data fabric software to unify disparate healthcare information sources. The newly-granted patent entitled “System and Method for Integrating Health Information Sources” describes a groundbreaking approach to seamlessly integrate a variety of diverse structured and unstructured health information sources across the continuum of care.

We are thrilled to reach this pivotal milestone with the issuance of our first patent, as it fortifies our intellectual property portfolio,” said Jeff Gunther, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Metaform. “The broad claim protection that the USPTO granted validates the breadth of our technology’s novelty, strengthens our position as we engage potential partners, and sets the stage for significant growth.”

Metaform’s patent describes several features and advantages implemented in the company’s proprietary data fabric software, including a vendor-agnostic and storage-agnostic metadata engine for healthcare, the use of at-scale parallelism, and support for any combination of infrastructure for deployment: from on-premise, multi-cloud, or at the edge.

Despite the advances made in data science and analytics in healthcare, the entire industry is still beholden to a technological holdover from the 1980s: extract, transform, and load, or ETL,” said Gunther. “With a Copernican shift mindset, we started over three years ago to completely reimagine how to integrate disparate health information sources in situ across the continuum of care by leveraging metadata. While the challenges in healthcare data integration are decades old, the award of this patent demonstrates Metaform’s novel approach to cost-effectively deliver real-time insights while managing the highly varied types and volumes of data confronting healthcare delivery organizations.”

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