MIMIT Health advances ‘Amazonification of care’ with Saykara mobile AI assistant

By adopting cutting-edge technology, the multi-specialty Chicagoland medical group has automated clinical documentation, relieved providers of computer data entry and created a more intimate and collaborative patient experience.

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–The Midwest Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapies (MIMIT Health) has been on a journey of digital transformation that founder and CEO, Dr. Paramjit “Romi” Chopra, refers to as the ‘Amazonification of care.’ One of the most recent additions to its toolkit of cutting-edge technology solutions is from Saykara, a Seattle-based startup using artificial intelligence (AI) to eliminate administrative busy work that stands between providers, patients and the practice of medicine.

“Amazon is totally focused on the customer experience. They’re constantly improving, constantly innovating — doing things better, faster, cheaper,” says Chopra. “When I refer to the ‘Amazonification of care,’ I am talking about applying those same principles to the patient experience. At MIMIT, we model everything we do around delivering patient-centered care. When providers are tethered to a computer during a patient visit, they aren’t connecting with the patient, they aren’t building a symbiotic, trusting relationship.”

With the mobile AI assistant from Saykara, providers at this Chicagoland medical group no longer carry the burden of clinical documentation into the exam room. Instead, they are able to give patients their undivided attention. Chopra attributes a 5x boost in productivity to the Saykara mobile AI assistant. “The biggest cost we have is our labor productivity,” says Chopra. “Our investment in systems and technology allowed us to grow 40% last year without any additional labor.”

Using the Saykara mobile AI assistant is as easy for providers as 1-2-3:

  1. Open the iOS app.
  2. Tap the patient’s name.
  3. Talk.

Providers have two options for using the voice-enabled iOS app. In the ambient mode, the AI assistant listens in real time to the conversation that occurs with a patient during an on-premise or telehealth visit. In the recap mode, the AI assistant listens to a brief reflective summary after the visit. No commands or data entry are required of providers. Underlying machine learning algorithms interpret and transform salient content required for notes, orders, referrals, scheduling and more, which is then automatically populated to the electronic medical record (EMR) system in both structured and unstructured formats. MIMIT Health uses the Medical Office EMR from Medstreaming.

“All of our providers use the Saykara technology — our physicians, our physician assistants and our nurse practitioners,” says Chopra. “The fact it’s mobile is incredibly important to us. Although most of our work is done in one of our seven outpatient clinics, we also see patients in a number of area hospitals as well as skilled nursing facilities and long-term care facilities. We even occasionally see patients in their homes. And because the Saykara app is on our iPhones, it’s always with us and always available.”

Chopra believes the path to long-term success lies in treating patients’ spirit, mind and body, not just their medical conditions.

“We are committed to a high-tech, high-touch experience where patients and their loves ones feel calm and supported and get the information they need to make the best healthcare decisions possible,” says Chopra. “Using the Saykara mobile AI assistant allows our providers to focus on their patients and create personalized, meaningful and collaborative interactions.”

About Saykara

Saykara is combatting physician burnout and elevating productivity through its ambient and autonomous AI assistant. Use of the company’s voice-enabled mobile app, Kara, is proven to reduce time spent charting by 70%, eliminate after-hours charting by 100%, and enhance note quality and completeness by 25%. Additionally, by freeing physicians from keyboards, computer screens and burdensome data entry, patients enjoy more personalized, less hurried visits. Kara is specialty agnostic, scalable at the enterprise level and available through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription. For additional information, visit www.saykara.com.


Joy Efron

Vice President Marketing